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At the US-Mexico border, asylum seekers remain optimistic in the face of adversity | US-Mexico Border News

Maria escaped from a violent gang in the Michoacan province of Mexico after changing only three of her clothes.

The 38-year-old boy has traveled 2,500 miles[1,500 km]along the coast, where he, her husband, two young children, and other relatives have been waiting for refuge in the United States.

Now that the US-Mexico border reopens, says he hopes to end.

“We have come to flee from terrorists, not because we are terrorists,” Maria, who asked not to be named, told AFP reporters this week from a camp in Tijuana, Mexico.

Maria – who says her family was threatened after her eldest son joined the militant group last year – is one of a group of Central and South American people who traveled north to the US last year.

Makeshift camps are located hundreds of miles along the US-Mexico border, where U.S. officials were detained this year Population migration to 1.7 million trying to enter the world.

Chapter 42, a Trump policy statement, allows the U.S. to deport more refugees who arrive at the border back to Mexico or to their countries of origin. [File: Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters]

The immigrants said they were forced their escape among the chronic unemployment, gang violence, the growing financial crisis as a result of the epidemic, and the devastation caused by hurricanes, among others.

The Arrived has urged the leadership of US President Joe Biden, who has promised to take a more humane approach to immigration than its predecessor, Donald Trump, and to change some of Trump’s policies.

But Biden, who took over in January, insisted Trump’s timeline which allows the U.S. to deport more asylum seekers who reach the southern border back to Mexico or the countries of origin.

Schedule 42, which he was widely criticized from immigration representatives who say it is illegal, expressing concern over the spread of COVID-19 to rejecting many asylum seekers the opportunity to apply for asylum in the US.

It remains in place where the US on Monday reopened its border with Mexico to travel unnecessarily following the 20-month closure due to the epidemic.

On Monday the US reopened its border with Mexico to vaccinate, unwanted travelers [Toya Sarno Jordan/Reuters]

At a campground near the Mexican border called The Chaparral, many children are sleeping on the floor in makeshift tents while waiting for an opportunity to seek protection in the US with their families.

About 770 people are living in refugee camps, according to a recent census by the Mexican border. Tijuana, and 40 percent of them are children. Some of the children of El Chaparral, who are fenced and controlled by the police, were born in the US.

While this means that the children are American citizens, many said they left the country and their undocumented parents were deported. Families have returned to Mexico to try to return to the US.

“I just want everything to be all right, for mom to have a home. of Reuters.

“My sister and I did [US] But when my dad came here, my mom brought us all, ”says 10-year-old Evelyn.“ She cries a lot because she doesn’t have any money to feed us.

Immigration groups say refugees and asylum seekers have faced numerous threats in the Mexican border towns where they are expected to enter the US, they say. April report that hundreds of crimes have been reported since Biden took office.

“Asylum seekers have returned to Mexico being abducted, raped and beaten,” said Kennji Kizuka, director of refugee research and security analysis at Human Rights First, at the time. Black refugees and asylum seekers, as well as members of the LGBTQ group, were at risk of violence, the groups said.

Meanwhile, in El Chaparral, Pedro, a 15-year-old immigrant, holds a birth certificate stating that he was born in Los Angeles, and said his four siblings are also. Her mother brought her home to Mexico three months ago when her father was deported.

He now washes cars in Tijuana with a small rag, and receives whatever people may want. “I have never worked before, but I do it to help my mother,” she said.

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