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Amazon adds video sharing to the Prime Video app on iOS

Next time you watch a movie and there is a moment that leaves you crying, laughing or feeling excited, you can share his video with your friends. Users of Prime Video in the US can now try on iOS.

Probably because of the free content, this feature just selects the Amazon Original list for now – first season , The Wilds, and Fairfax – and more videos to follow. When you watch one of these shows, you can select Share Clip. The app stops the movie and makes a 30-second video on what you just watched. You can move to the start of the clip and see the image before sharing it on social media or in the message.

This feature can be useful if you feel the need to explain the attraction of the Hot Priest from Fleabag in the future. You will probably be able to share a video of one of them James Bond a slight survival if he also passes.

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