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Afghan FM has confirmed Kabul talks ‘mediated’ between Pakistan, TTP | Stories

A month-long ceasefire was agreed upon during talks on both sides, said Afghanistan’s foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi.

Islamabad, Pakistan The Taliban is acting as a mediator between the Pakistani government and the Pakistani Taliban, known as the TTP, said Afghanistan’s foreign minister.

Speaking to the BBC Urdu service on Sunday, Amir Khan Muttaqi said the Afghan Taliban had reacted to the “request” of both.

“No final agreement has been reached; However, the beginning has been very good, and in the first part of [talks] there has been an agreement to end the war for one month, ”Muttaqi said.

“Both parties agreed that the negotiations should continue.”

Last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed that Pakistan began talks with TTP after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul in August. Thousands of people, security forces and militants have been killed in the last 14 years of terrorist attacks by the TTP.

The Taliban and TTP are two separate factions, with different leadership and goals, although their ideologies are the same and TTP has assisted the Taliban in fighting US-led NATO forces in the past.

The TTP, founded in 2007, is a group of militias based in northwestern Pakistan that seek to force a deeper interpretation of Islamic law in the country.

The group has committed the most heinous crimes in Pakistan in the country’s history, including a 2014 terrorist attack on a school that killed more than 135 students.

In 2014, Pakistani forces launched a major offensive against TTP, removing it from their headquarters in northern Waziristan, and undermining its ability to operate. Since then, investigators and security officials say the group has been mainly in eastern Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban occupied Kabul in August, attacks by Pakistani troops and civilians in the North and South Waziristan provinces have increased, according to the South Asia Terrorism Portal.

Last week, Pakistani Foreign Minister Fawad Chaudhry has been confirmed that a monthly ceasefire agreement was reached between TTP and the Pakistani government, which is evident from the talks that Afghanistan Prime Minister Muttaqi reported on Sunday.

The ceasefire ends on December 9, TTP spokesman Muhammad Khurasani said.

ISIL is threatening

In an interview with the BBC, Muttaqi acknowledged that the ISIL (ISIS) group was a threat, but said his government had taken steps to address the problem.

“When we defeated Kabul, Daesh [a common alternate name for ISIL] he began to raise his head inward [some] areas but the Taliban government has taken action to control them. Now we have banned Daesh in many places, “he said.

“Sometimes there are events in other places, such as mosques, that can happen anywhere in the world.”

On Friday, at least three people were killed and 15 injured the bomb explodes during the afternoon prayers in the Spin Ghar area of ​​the eastern Nangarhar region of Afghanistan.

Saturday, a rebellion In addition, many Shia Muslims in Kabul’s capital have killed one person and wounded four others.

The Islamic State group in Khorasan province, ISKP (ISIS-K), is said to have carried out a number of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan since August since August, especially minority Shiites.

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