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Apple is offering $ 30 million to resolve the controversy over the wallet

Last year, California Supreme Court ruled that Apple violated the law by failing to pay employees while waiting for an approved bag and iPhone search. Now, Apple has paid $ 30 million to settle the case and staff lawyers have urged them to approve, Apple Insider they say. “This is a serious matter, which has not changed after eight years of hard work,” wrote attorney Lee Shalov in a ruling. Courthouse Stories.

Workers launched the suit in 2013, claiming they were not paid when they searched for stolen items or trade secrets. The workers realized that they were still under Apple’s “control” for 5 to 20 minutes and should be paid. Apple also argued that employees could choose not to bring their wallets or iPhones, thus avoiding early searches.

apple he won previously in the district court, but the case went to the California Supreme Court to appeal. There, judges ruled that Apple employees “were under the control of Apple while they waited, and during investigations.” The court rejected Apple’s claim that bringing the wallet to work was easier for employees, especially Apple found that employees did not need to bring their iPhones to work.

“The iPhone’s appearance as unimportant to co-workers directly contradicts its definition of the iPhone as an ‘integrated and essential part’ of everyone’s life,” the judges wrote. In that statement, the court cited Tim Cook’s interview in 2017 as saying that the iPhone “is the most connected and essential in our lives, you would not think of leaving home without it.”

The settlement is still accepted by critics. Nearly 12,000 recent employees and former Apple Store employees in California affected by the lawsuit are expected to receive more than $ 1,200.

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