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A court in Mali has appointed Assimi Goita as interim president | Money Matter

The election of a political leader is creating problems as West African leaders prepare to respond to the plot in Mali.

A court in Mali has named a senior soldier who led a military operation this week as the country’s new interim leader.

The ruling, handed down late Friday, said Assimi Goita would “lead the transition to the end” and take on the role of “reforming president, head of state”.

The court ruled that the decision was based on “lack of leadership” following the departure of President Bah Ndaw.

Goita, 38, was Ndaw’s deputy, and had ordered the former leader to be arrested Monday following a cabinet reshuffle that removed two soldiers from office.

Ndaw resigned from prison on Wednesday and was later released.

Friday’s ruling sparked protests as West African leaders set out to meet on Sunday to discuss how to respond to what they had taken, which local and Western governments feared could destabilize northern and central Mali and reduce war against al-Qaeda-linked militants. (ISIS).

Goita’s abduction is the second in less than a year.

Last August, a senior youth led a series of decisions that ousted Mali’s newly elected President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita amid protests against corruption. But threatened by local sanctions, Goita and other incumbent leaders agreed to give power to a reform government that could return the country to the control of the common people.

The colonel was then elected vice-president of the local government and his fellow officers were given senior cabinet posts.

At the time, representatives from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) with 15 members (ECOWAS) insisted that Mali’s transition, which is due to end in October elections, would continue to be led by ordinary people. The Bloc stated in the statement that the vice president would not “allow for the presidency”.

ECOWAS leaders are due to meet in Ghana on Sunday.

Nicolas Haque of Al Jazeera, speaking from Mali’s capital, Bamako, said Goita’s election as interim president had been “a long time coming.”

Ndaw’s arrest on Monday overturned a series of games played by civilians, Haque said, while a Supreme Court ruling confirmed “a strong man in Mali and Assimi Goita”.

“As far as the announcement is concerned, Goita has been meeting with religious leaders, allied leaders, opponents to encourage them to do what they want,” Haque said. “That’s why this ruling doesn’t surprise people.”

Goita, however, has to deal with an upcoming threat of regional threats, the journalist added.

Earlier on Friday, the colonialists spoke out against the group since its capture and said the soldiers had no choice but to intervene.

“We had to choose between the chaos and the alliance between the security forces and the security forces and we chose the alliance,” he said.

He also mentioned the appointment of a new Prime Minister among members of the M5-RFP coalition, which led a series of protests against Keita last year and clashes with Ndaw and Ouane during the transition.

Jeamille Bitar, a member of the coalition, said she had been nominated by Choguel Maiga, a former prime minister.

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