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Why are Canadian vaccine operators turning to Ottawa? | | The Far Right News


A team of Canadian vaccine operators and their assistants are heading to the country’s capital, Ottawa.

The group “Freedom Convoy” was formed following a vaccination campaign requiring motorists to receive a coronavirus vaccine across the Canadian-United States border.

But last week, observers and analysts noted that some of the organizers of the event, as well as some of their supporters, supported anti-Semitic, Islamicophobic, and racist ideas – and the government he warned that the summit on Parliament may be violent.

“‘Right Convoy’ is nothing but a right-hand car,” according to to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a non-profit organization that oversees anti-Hate groups. “They say it’s about motorists …

Here is what happened:

First of all, what is the role of vaccine for motorists?

As of January 15, Canada said so essential providers of essential services in the past had not been vaccinated, including motorists, in order to receive adequate vaccines. “Canadian vaccine drivers who have not been vaccinated who have entered Canada will need to meet the requirements for entry, arrival and testing on the 8th day, as well as the requirements for solitary confinement,” it said.

The US has re-enacted a similar law on its borders; as of January 22, do not become US citizens for valid and non-essential reasons the need to show evidence of vaccination across borders.

How many Canadian vehicles are vaccinated?

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), a regional car corporation organization, says “most” Canadian vehicles are vaccinated – about 85 percent – in line with vaccine prices among the majority of Canadians.

About 90 percent of Canadian motorists go on strike, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra he said.

CTA separates from convoy, to say “It does not agree with the strong opposition to any protests on public roads, highways, and bridges.”

Supporters of the group gathered in Toronto, Ontario, on January 27, 2022 [Carlos Osorio/Reuters]

How many people are taking part in the convoy?

This is unknown. Police in Kingston, Ontario, he said that from 9:35 am local time (14:35 GMT) Friday, 17 full tractors, 104 tractors without trailers, 424 cars and six fun cars were heading east on the 401 highway. Some believe they are reaching Ottawa from eastern Canada.

What do the organizers say the convoy is?

The group was organized under the sign, “Freedom Convoy 2022”.

“On January 15, a small group of Alberta motorists, their relatives and friends, decided that the Canadian Government had gone through a process of introducing Covid-19 vaccine passports and vaccination responsibilities,” the group said. words shared on Facebook.

“We are waging our war on the doorstep of our Federal Government and urging them to put an end to all opposition to its people,” said GoFundMe. page in support of the group, which has raised about $ 5.5m (over $ 7m in Canada) to date.

CBC News reports Friday that about one-third of the donations came from anonymous donors or were uttered with false names.

So does the convoy really apply to Canadian standards for COVID?

“This is no longer a matter of responsibility,” said Jason LaFace, who CityNews described as planning a trip to Ontario. “This is about Canada, this is about our rights and how the government has been harassing and oppressing us all the time,” said LaFace, a non-motorist.

While some of the participants have serious complaints about the Canadian government epidemic programs, experts have said that anti-apartheid rights activists are among the organizers.

Some of the participants also openly expressed maturity this week. “I encourage civil war,” said Jim Doerksen, an army officer, told Global News in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in central Canada. “If people don’t want to stand up, we have a gun – stand up and pull it out.”

Canadian media as well reports on a widely circulated video posted on TV that showed an agent saying “he wants to see our January 6 event” – about riots at the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

Barbara Perry, a professor at Ontario Tech University and director of the Center on Hate, Bias and Extremism, said “the anti-responsibility protests – which took place at other companies – were based on anti-vax, anti-lockdown ideas, anti-government attitudes – and then beyond, on the far right [is] come to play “.

“They call themselves ‘Convoy Freedom’ so I think they are saying something about the magnitude of the anxiety that is brought under the umbrella,” Perry told Al Jazeera. “This is also the language of the anti-states. It is also the language of the right … It is part of the Far Right movement and conspiracy theorists and grievances of some kind.”

Who are the remote leaders?

The creators listed on the GoFundMe page are Tamara Lich and BJ Dichter.

The Canada Anti-Hate Network reports that Lich was “the organizer of the Yellow Vests Canada, the co-founder of the separatist Western Exit or ‘Wexit’ movement in Alberta, and now as secretary of the Maverick Party – another separatist group with a political party”.

Lich has written “plots against the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ operating in Canada”, the network said, adding that Dichter had also commented on Islamophobic. In 2019, at the International Conference of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), Dichter. he said“Despite what our media organizations and political leaders want to accept, the transition to Islam and the transformation of Islamic politics are rotten in our society like syphilis.”

Patrick King, who has been named as an ally of the North Alberta group that is involved in the movement, said frequency promoted anti-Semitic views on television. “He has openly distorted the facts of the Nazi genocide … and then used the anti-conspiracy theory that the Jews secretly control the world powers, the media, and the economy,” the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said.

King said last month, “The only way this can be solved is by bullets.”

What can Canadian politicians say?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week that “a handful of people who are on the way to Ottawa, or who have the wrong ideas that they describe, do not represent the views of the Canadian people.”

“We know how to deal with the epidemic and vaccinate everyone – and most, about 90 percent of Canadians, have done the same,” he said. Trudeau told reporters.

Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, said he was concerned about the “dangerous statements” that took place at the rally. “I am concerned about extremists who are spreading lies and trying to turn the group into a Canadian genocide perpetrated by the US Capitol,” he said. he wrote on Twitter.

But Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole has said he wants to meet with party leaders, while criticizing “anyone who promotes violence” in the movement. “Thousands of people are coming here in the next few days – a group of cars – and a sign of fatigue in our country here,” O’Toole. he told reporters in Ottawa Thursday.

So what now?

Members of the group began arriving in Ottawa on Friday, ahead of demonstrations on Mount Saturday House. Organizers, who want to isolate themselves from their extremely active participants, are determined to make the event a peaceful one.

Another convoy affiliated to the convoy, Canada Unity, wrote “memorandum of understanding“It is planning to submit to the Senate with the attorney general, a request for an end to vaccination activities and other epidemics.

Police in the capital said they were looking to ensure a safe haven, but were aware of “inappropriate and threatening television talk about the incident” and warned of the consequences of any “acts of violence, violence and / or incitement to hate.”

In a letter to Canadian lawmakers Thursday, sergeant-at-arms security guards at the House of Commons said there were reports that protesters were trying to “disrupt” politics and housing in the Ottawa area. He told them to “go somewhere safe” as a form of demonstration outside their homes or offices, CTV News reports.

Canadian journalists reporting on the group also received death threats, and verbal and physical abuse, the Canadian Association of Journalists reported. he said. The CBC / Radio-Canada car was also damaged.


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