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Twitter is already resting on social security

Illustration of the Twitter article Says No More Blue Checkmarks for You

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This was fun when it came. Just over a week after the revival public certification process for the first time in almost four years, Twitter has already released a plug-in.

On Friday, the company announced that it would no longer accept blue-collar requests until the workload has been reduced. Twitter did not mention a date for the process to resume, but a “pinky oath” to take place at the end. And everyone knows you can’t break the pinky oath. This is against the law.

“We urge you to confirm. That’s why we stopped to approve some of the details while reviewing the submissions,” the official Twitter account Verified he wrote Friday.

Before resuming this process May 20, Twitter has not allowed users to ask for a blue mark since the early days of Trump. Twitter suspension permanent public confirmation after being initiated for confirmation great white who organized a Nazi convention in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.

It later reopened a policy of companies, businesses, media organizations, human rights activists, and activists as long as they meet certain requirements and are able to provide proof of their identity. But all other unsubstantiated evidence was unfortunate until last week. And now it seems he has no chance.

When we get there to comment Friday, a Twitter spokesperson advised users to watch Authentic Twitter story on the latest updates when it will resume receiving applications. They He also told us to to follow tweet from Twitter results confirm B Byrne:

“[P]use like this was part of our plan! (although we did not know if it would happen one day or a week) we would just walk as fast as we could, but we would like to make sure we have enough time to review. ”

Updated: 5/28/2021, 8:33 pm ET: More Twitter response.

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