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The US is set to punish Belarus for firing on a plane

The US has moved to punish Belarus for under duress Ryanair International Airport announced last week that it would reinstate sanctions on nine state-owned companies and join the EU in compiling a list of additional services.

In a statement Friday, Jen Psaki, a White House press secretary, said Washington was doing this “together with our friends and allies, for the government to hold them accountable for their actions and to show our commitment to the interests of the Belarussian people”.

On Sunday Belarusian authorities turned a Ryanair flight between Greece and Lithuania to Minsk in order to Hold the opponent he climbed.

The move of embarrassment led to Western anger against the president Alexander LukashenkoThe government, which has strong ties to Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, is taking urgent action with the EU to punish Belarus. The U.S. was slow to respond but Friday began to take action.

Psaki said that from June 3, the U.S. had once again imposed “all restrictions” on nine Belarusian state-owned enterprises that had been licensed by the US Treasurer’s Department.

In addition, a press secretary at the White House said the US was “making a list of allegations against key members”. Belarus which “is linked to human rights abuses and corruption, the 2020 election fraud and the May 23 incident”.

Mr Psaki added that the Treasury Department was preparing a law directing President Joe Biden to sign a document authorizing “US authorities to impose government sanctions” on Belarus and “its support networks, and those who support corruption, human rights abuses and democracy”.

The devastation from Washington also includes a warning from the US Department of State that U.S. citizens should refrain from going to Belarus, as well as warnings for American passenger planes to “be very careful when flying at Belarus airport” – although this seems to diminish the ban altogether.

Earlier this week the EU agreed to grow penalties against Belarus and banning its planes from the airport due to their flight. Brussels also demanded the immediate release of Roman Protasevich, a freedom fighter, and a friend, Sofia Sapega, who was arrested after a Ryanair flight was forced to Minsk.

Washington’s move could disrupt the lead of meeting between Biden and Putin to take place in Geneva in mid-June in a bid to end the two countries’ efforts to end a relationship that has deteriorated in recent months.

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