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9-year-old boy dies after Astroworld party | Stories

Ezra Blount is the 10th person to die after attending a music festival in Houston.

A 9-year-old boy has died of an accident at the Astroworld concert in Houston, United States.

Ezra Blount of Dallas died Sunday at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, family lawyer Ben Crump said.

Ezra collapsed as a result of a medical after he was seriously injured in a November 5 fan break during the festival’s director, rapper Travis Scott. He is the 10th person who went to a party to die.

Treston Blount, Ezra’s father, described what happened on November 5 in a post on the GoFundMe website that he set up to help pay for Ezra’s medical bills.

He said Ezra was sitting on his shoulder when the crowd crushed them. The man fainted, and when he arrived, Ezra was gone, Blount said. He searched diligently until Ezra was found in the hospital with serious injuries.

The child suffered serious brain, kidney, and liver injuries “after being pushed, kicked, crushed, nearly crushed to death,” according to a lawsuit filed by his family against Scott and the organizer of the event, Live Nation.

The Blount family wants at least $ 1m to spend.

The other victims were between the ages of 14 and 27. Some 300 people were treated at the festival, and 13 were hospitalized.

Houston police and fire department investigators have said they are reviewing a video provided by a Live Nation concert promoter, as well as many of the videos featured in the show are widely distributed on television.

Investigators also arranged to speak with Live Nation representatives Scott and concertgoers.

Scott and the organizers of the incident are now investigating the crime.

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