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Apple Holds Full Control of State Digital ID Program: Report

A photo of Apple's story shows its internal focus on States launching digital IDs

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It’s no secret that Apple can be a success, well, beautiful information everything. The company’s ideas seem to reach out to the countries that have signed agreements to launch it and digital ID on the Wallet program, though you would expect governments to push back on such matters.

A report from confidential correspondence letters obtained by CNBC published on Sunday states that Apple could be very strong in doing business with others, even in the countries involved.Georgia, Arizona, Kentucky, and Oklahoma — not to mention pay the company to provide data for their occupants. The treaties signed were “similar” in all states, the territories were mentioned, and were obtained at the request of the people.

CNBC research only found the agreements of the four countries listed above, but it should be noted that eight countries, including Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, and Utah, have agreed to release digital IDs with Apple.

Aside from the division of goods, Apple was also said to be in control of many other things, as well.

With Apple’s app, don’t forget that

This is Apple’s app, and it wants to participate in every step of the way. According to CNBC, agreements with governments show that the company has “intelligence” on the main features of the program. This includes tools associated with digital IDs, how countries are required to report on the progress of the program, the date of launch of the program, and the required advertising.

In addition, Apple is making international follow-up security policies defined by the International Organization for Standardization for mobile driver’s license. The company played “active role” in the development of the standard and states imposes “reasonable guidelines” to protect consumers’ privacy.

States do not pay Apple directly, but pay for certain things

As mentioned above, money does not change hands in these cases, but it does not mean that the digital ID program is free. In particular, countries – and in addition, taxpayers – should provide funding to support the implementation of the program, starting with employers and providing adequate funding following Apple’s time. I do a good experiment. Apple also needs a volunteer to answer its questions.

“If consulted by Apple, the Agency will appoint one or more project managers to respond to Apple’s questions and issues related to the Program,” the agreement said, according to CNBC.

Countries should encourage the establishment of digital IDs between residents and other government agencies

Apple is used to success, and expects countries to do the same. This is why countries need a partnership to provide digital IDs to residents “urgently.” States are not allowed to charge digital IDs, Apple says.

But international work does not end there. It should also encourage the establishment of digital IDs between other government agencies and governments, such as the International Revenue Service and regulators.

Apple is not responsible for verifying digital IDs

Despite his public insistence that digital IDs in the Wallet should remain safe and sound, Apple does not want his hands dirty. It declares that it is not responsible for verifying digital IDs.

Gizmodo contacted Apple to comment on a CNBC report on Sunday but did not receive a response by press time. We’ll make sure we update this blog if we hear.

As CNBC reported, the complete failure of the regime that governments are showing on these contracts is astonishing. Yes, it is clear that they want to get Apple’s expertise and (possibly) brand reputation, but the company wants more from them. It requires the opportunity to provide additional services to the clients who make it The most important iPhone. As a result, countries had more opportunities to negotiate than they thought.

They may have been intrigued, or even intimidated by the digital ID system. In any case, there is no excuse. Government governments need to work public interest, but these deals show that they only worked to earn Apple’s best money. Now taxpayers in these governments are still insisting on paying the tax.

You can read more about CNBC’s extensive research Pano.

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