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14 free Nigerian student activists arrested in Kaduna state | Nigerian News

The robbers release the remaining 14 students who were abducted from Greenfield University in northwestern Nigeria last month.

The robbers released the remaining 14 students who were arrested last month from a university in northern Nigeria, officials said.

Troops have been attacking schools and universities in northwestern Nigeria over the past few months, holding more than 700 students to rescue since December. The failure of the security forces to protect the criminals has led to protests against the government’s actions.

Armed men were destroyed Greenfield University in the northwestern province of Kaduna on April 20. He killed one person at the time, and within days of the attack, he killed five of his captives.

“Fourteen students who have been robbed at the university have been released,” Simeon Nwakacha, a pro-chancellor of Greenfield University, told Reuters by telephone on Saturday. He also said that the remaining 14 students are being held.

Kaduna’s security commissioner, Samuel Aruwan, said in a statement that the 14 people who were taken to the university were released and found near the road connecting Kaduna to Abuja’s capital on Saturday at 2pm (13:00 GMT).

It was not immediately clear whether the detainees were released on bail.

Rape evictions have been common in recent years in many parts of Nigeria, where businessmen, government officials, and citizens have been kidnapped from the streets by criminals demanding ransom money.

These terrorists are largely driven by economic goals and do not know their motives. But there are concerns raised by rebel groups.

At least $ 11m was donated to the robbers between January 2016 and March 2020, according to SB Morgen, a foreign intelligence survey in Lagos.

President Muhammadu Buhari urged state governments in February to reconsider their policy of “rewarding money and cars”.

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