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The new AI computer will help create the largest 3D map in the universe

Very new the computer was very large can help address the most important questions of astrophysics. VentureBetat reports The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center has been officially established dedicated Perlmutter, who is known as one of the fastest-growing experts on AI, has begun helping to build the world’s largest 3D map to learn the dark forces that contribute to the development of the universe.

The machine will process the data from Dark Power Detection Tool direct monitoring. Perlmutter will change the “tens” of galaxies from a nightly survey to determine where DESI is following.

Like AMD notes, the original Perlmutter version includes 1,536 nodes each with a 64-core Epyc 7763 processor and four NVIDIA A100 GPUs. The result is a machine with a capacity of about four exaflops (including 35 petabyte storage) when working with AI, significantly reducing computation times. Perlmutter could analyze a one-year DESI report “in a few days” instead of weeks or months, NVIDIA said.

The second phase, which will take place later in 2021, will add 3,072 CPU-only, each with Epyc 7763 chips.

Maps are not the only activity on the dock. Perlmutter will also study atomic connections to promote electrical engineering such as biofuels, e.g. The universal map is a must-have, however, and helps us to explain how computer engineers have played a major role in a major project.

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