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Zimbabwe’s president has ordered Mugabe to be investigated and re-buried | Stories of Robert Mugabe

The traditional leader says the ex-wife violated local customs by burying Mugabe in her home.

Zimbabwe’s monarch has ordered the remains of Robert Mugabe’s remains to be exhumed and buried at a military base in Harare after he criticized the wife of the deceased leader for violating local customs by bringing her into his home in 2019.

Mugabe, who was ousted from a coup that brought Emmerson Mnangagwa to power in November 2017, was buried in his hometown of Kutama after weeks of arguing with President Mnangagwa’s government over a last resort.

The Zvimba chief, including Kutama, said he had received a complaint from a relative of Mugabe about his burial.

After presiding over the village court last week, Chief Stanly Wurayayi Mhondoro on Monday handed down a verdict finding that Grace Mugabe was guilty of disorderly conduct by burying her husband in a house.

Delivering his verdict, the official said the late Mugabe “will be exhumed and buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare within 30 days or before June 1, 2021”.

“You are also ordered to collect all his belongings and belongings and deliver them on or before July 1st,” the ruling adds.

Grace Mugabe, who did not attend the meeting, was fined five cows and a goat. The first woman was also ordered to pay compensation to the workers assigned to dig up and restore the remains of their husbands.

Leo Mugabe, the son of the last President and spokesman for the family, did not immediately reject the ruling.

“He (the king) has no authority over the Almighty. And even if the right king had given the verdict we would have asked for a court order, “Leo Mugabe told Reuters.

Kings in Zimbabwe have power over local issues but it is necessary for them to order families to exhume their bodies for re-burial.

The monarch’s order could also spark controversy over Mugabe’s final outcome.

Mnangagwa insisted that Mugabe be buried in a memorial cemetery for the freedom fighters, but the couple refused, saying Mugabe had shown fear of shutting down relatives before his death and that some of those he had expelled would want to perform rituals. the organs of his body.

Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years, died on September 6, 2019, at the age of 95.

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