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World powers are pushing for Libyan elections, but tensions are running high Stories

The election is considered a crucial moment in UN-backed peace efforts to end a 10-year-old unrest but the vote for a new president and parliament remains in doubt six weeks.

International authorities have urged Libya to proceed with the presidential election process on December 24, adding that foreign mercenaries should also leave and allow the country to change the page in its history.

The leaders of France, Libya, Germany, Italy and Egypt, as well as the vice president of the US were in Paris on Friday for the summit. international conference, which was set to support the December 24 election as well as an attempt to oust foreign troops.

“We emphasize the need for all Libyan allies to come together in a spirit of support for the presidential and legislative elections for free, fair, inclusive and credible elections on December 24, 2021,” the statement said after the conference.

The election is considered to be an important moment in the UN-backed peace process to end the 10-year-old uprising that has disrupted regional control and disrupted the Mediterranean since the 2011 NATO invasion of Muammar Gaddafi.

Votes for a new president and parliament remain in doubt six weeks before the start of a dispute between Libyan forces and political parties over electoral law and candidates.

The world powers have said they supported the elections “beginning” on December 24, a shift in support from previous demands that both votes be held at the same time on the same day.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said it was important for the new electoral law to be enacted “by everyone’s cooperation … not in the coming weeks, but in the coming days”.

Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has said he has called for a speedy change in the electoral conference, which is being contested by rival Libyan parties.

There is no consensus here on the electoral law or whether Dbeibah himself, who may be the next president, may be allowed to register immediately before the election and have vowed not to participate.

The electoral crisis threatens to undermine a number of peace mechanisms, including efforts to reconcile long-standing divisive governments and to eliminate foreign fighters who are at the forefront of the war effort.

Officials in Paris thought that “individuals or organizations, inside or outside Libya, who would attempt to obstruct, disrupt, disrupt or defraud electoral and political reforms” could be punished.

They agreed with the “inclusive” policy, a term often used in Libyan elections, meaning to allow all those who want to run for office, including divided leaders.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the commitment of the eastern military to eliminate 300 foreign mercenaries through a joint venture between the warring factions in the east and west should be followed by Russia and Turkey withdrawing troops.

“A plan to remove the mercenary must be put in place. Russia and Turkey must remove their mercenaries without delay,” Macron said after the meeting.

Paris initially wanted Russian and Turkish leaders to accompany them. Turkey, who fears that France wants to speed up the departure of Turkish troops from Libya, has agreed with Moscow to send envoys to the ground.

Ankara expressed doubts about the language in the final words about the departure of foreign troops. It emphasizes the difference between the presence of its troops in Libya who were summoned by the UN-approved government and those sent by other groups.

“There are still doubts on the Turkish side but the Russian side has agreed that this could happen in a cohesive manner,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The December 24 elections are a big part of the process. Preparations for the elections must be finalized in such a way that the outcome can be approved.”

The Russian Wagner Army has formed an alliance with the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the east, which has been supported in the war by Moscow, along with the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

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