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With ‘Roe’ at risk, anti-abortion rally gathered in Washington | Political Issues

Thousands of U.S. anti-abortion activists are protesting as fertility groups call on Congress to protect abortion rights.

Thousands of abortion activists in the United States have gathered in Washington DC to hold annual protests as women’s rights groups fear a U.S. Supreme Court has ruled. he can give up the right to abortion in the country.

Demonstrators gather in the annual “March for Life” Friday when the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of abolishing Roe v Wade, a well-known 1973 ruling that established the right to abort.

“I am so thankful that God brought us here. And that we are very close, “Rachel Young, 19, told Reuters, about the potential for overturning. Roe v Wade.

The march is held annually to commemorate the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, January 22.

But reproductive rights groups have condemned pushing for the abolition of abortions under the auspices of Republican-led countries as a violation of the women’s right to choose what to do with their bodies. They also oppose that methods of contraception putting women’s health at risk.

“Roe was a great achievement for women, our bodies and our independence,” Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen said in a statement Friday.

“The situation is worse than ever, and the health and independence of women and families across the country is improving as Republicans strive to oppose and overthrow Roe,” he said.

Many countries are pushing for an abortion ban. But contraception after 15 weeks of pregnancy in Mississippi, which is under the supervision of Supreme Court, it has been very difficult for Roe.

Following the ban could undermine or eliminate the right to abort, as Roe argued, which allows abortion until the baby is born – about 23 weeks according to modern standards.

In a case late last year, judges of the Supreme Court appeared to be adamant that the abortion dispute should be resolved through a political process – by governments and Congress – not by the courts, and showing that they are willing to violate established rules. and Roe.

Six of the nine judges appointed by the Republican presidency, including three and Donald Trump.

A laws in Texas has also banned abortion for six weeks without releasing rape or incest. The Supreme Court has to take effect when the lower court rejects its rule of law.

US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the Texas law last September.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Friday that Biden’s administration will work hard to protect reproductive rights. “We are very committed to ensuring that everyone has access to assistance, and we will protect with every weapon we have,” Psaki told reporters.

But many Republican statesmen and states have praised the anti-abortion campaigns in Washington on Friday.

“Today, #ProLife America is fighting to give a voice to the voiceless and to protect the defenseless. What is more American than that?” Republican Senator John Kennedy said this on Twitter.

Congresswoman Julia Letlow, a Louisiana Republican, was impressed by the protests against abortion on Friday.

“In the coming months, we are awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court,” Letlow said. “We know it has taken a huge toll on all of you over the past 48 years to get us to this point.”

For their part, women’s rights groups called on Congress to enact Roe v Wade into law on the evening of the commemoration by issuing a House-approved law. Health Protection Act.

“The right to procreation is the right of the people,” the 225 coalition of activists wrote letter to the Senate on Friday, and I urge the bill to be passed. “Everyone should be able to choose whether, when, and how they want to start or grow a family without political interference.”

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