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Why Elon Musk’s first Loop is, and isn’t, as stupid as you think


Only a handful of things in 2021 have been able to connect the internet and judge as Boring Company new work in Las Vegas. (Except for the European Super League, and this has seen people walking the streets have set it as a bad idea after 48 hours. . Just because it looks silly does not mean that it is stupid (however, it will definitely be) as it is.

Instead of blaming everything for the obvious, let’s take a quick trip to understand why the authorities voted 13-1 to register for the job. And let’s look at the obvious benefits that secret pushing can have on a confined space. Not to mention the challenges that the Las Vegas Convention Center is trying to address in the COVID world. Only when we do all this can we have the confidence to say that we are stupid, and that is obvious.

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