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Egypt exacerbates emergency crisis three months | Stories of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has announced an extension of the three-month emergency plan, which has been in place since April 2017.

Sunday’s decision, published in the Official Gazette, is to come as a result of “security and safety” in the country.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health said on Friday it had sent weapons and ammunition to the Sohag government after health workers complained of a lack of resources to deal with the growing number of coronavirus cases.

The growing number of government cases, about 400km (250 miles) south of the capital Cairo, has raised concerns about the third COVID-19 epidemic in Egypt, where many travel and safety restrictions were broken after the first wave last summer.

The deployment to Sohag includes groups that go to visit home with air and air, while hospitals have developed a legitimate capacity, the ministry said.

The remarks followed media complaints about severe shortages in public health services and access to medical care as the risk of COVID-19 infections increased in the region, including serious cases and deaths. The ministry denied this.

Egypt recorded 220,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and nearly 13,000 died. The disease has erupted in recent weeks at the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Experts say that government statistics are only a small part of the measure because Egypt’s pilot rates are very low and self-assessment is not included in government statistics.


It was the sixth sudden increase since it took effect on April 10, 2017, one day later. attacks on two Coptic churches on Sunday that killed at least 44 people.

The militant group ISIL (ISIS) blamed the perpetrators, which also killed more than 100 people and took place one week before Coptic Easter, when Pope Francis was due to visit Egypt later that month.

The plot was very new to a minority religious group that posed a serious threat to the movement and appeared to be a threat to the El-Sisi who promised to protect a minority of Christians in Egypt.

The state of emergency in Egypt has allowed government officials to build and search people’s homes without permission.


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