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WHO says Omicron’s risk is ‘very high’; Europe faces COVID: Live | Coronavirus Plague News

France, UK, Italy, Greece, and Portugal all suffer from the same daily illness, with France claiming about 180,000.

The risk posed by the Omicron brand is still “high”, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday, after the incidence of COVID-19 cases rose by 11 percent worldwide last week.

Omicron is behind the virus run in many countries, including those that have already discovered the old Delta species, WHO said in their weekly response to the COVID-19 epidemics.

“Evidence is overwhelming that the Omicron race has a much larger chance than the Delta nation with a two- or three-day duration and the number of cases is increasing in several countries,” said the WHO, including Britain and the United States. United States, where it has been very different.

The stories come as a number of European countries, including France, the UK, Italy, Greece, and Portugal all diseases are recorded daily. France reported another 180,000 cases within 24 hours on Tuesday.

Here are some recent updates:

A data analyst is increasing the amount of COVID positivity in the Philippines

The Australian Omicron Epidemic has plagued hospitals for testing if cases are getting worse

The Australian COVID-19 virus rose sharply on Wednesday, due to the rapid spread of the Omicron coronavirus, as well as the testing facilities in the densely populated country.

The demolition of the test site in New South Wales, Australia’s largest city, Sydney, has been blamed on the Queensland government demanding that foreign nationals return the results of the PCR test before it arrives.

The so-called “tourist experiment” in Queensland was heavily criticized from New South Wales after holidaymakers filled its test site, which led to delays for several days.

Australia is at risk of the spread of COVID-19 under the control of Omicron but authorities have so far banned the closure.

California climbed for the first time in 5 million cases within the Omicron operation

California became the first country in the US to record more than 5 million known cases of coronavirus, according to a government report Tuesday, which was delayed by holiday week.

California’s growth is also ahead of other major countries. Texas had more than 4.4 million and Florida over 3.9 million from Sunday.

California has registered more than 75,500 people who have died from COVID-19.

Long lines fill the US testing ground

Long lines and multiple coronavirus testing sites in the US have recently included cases of COVID-19 cases, while the time available in pharmacies is difficult to find.

“It’s ridiculous because the internet doesn’t have the dates available on CVS, Rite-Aid (pharmacies) – I can’t go to the nearest drugstore,” Midgalia Dancel, who is trying to get tested in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, told local TV. WPVI station.

Dancel stopped near the city center near Rhawnhurst in Philadelphia on Tuesday, but could not get tested.

U.S. President Joe Biden has vowed to step down US efforts to tackle Omicron-infected diseases, including the distribution of 500 million home tests starting next month.

Quebec to allow other key employees with COVID to continue working

The Canadian province of Quebec allows some key workers to continue working despite being tested for COVID-19, which Health Minister Christian Dube said was trying to prevent a shortage of staff to prevent medical care.

“The Omicron transmission is so large that more people need to be evacuated – and this puts the network’s risk in treating Quebecers,” Dube told reporters at a press conference Tuesday.

“We made the decision that in the event of a crisis, good staff should continue to work according to a list of requirements and risk management.”

Quebec, which has been setting up daily records since the Omicron genocide began with a growing epidemic, reported 12,833 cases on Monday – the highest number of days in any region in Canada during a pandemic.

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