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What if the prisons were human? | | Movies on TV

Tuesday, January 18 at 19:30 GMT:
Some may view prison as a place of punishment and as a deterrent to violence. But do prisons really help prisoners, and do they make communities safer?

Many pro-prison advocates believe that prisons that are just for revenge are bad as opposed to public safety. They are calling for a humanitarian approach that recognizes the identities of offenders, rehabilitates them, and equips them with the skills of the last life out of prison.

Prisoners often suffer from a lack of confidentiality, lack of access to family relationships, and other potentially harmful conditions for those who may already be suffering from trauma or psychological trauma.

In this issue of The Stream, we will see how prisons affect people in prison, as well as people who are accused of being imprisoned for their services.

In this episode of The Stream, we talk to:
Pia Puolakka
Forensic psychologist

Fritzi Horstman, @fritzihorstman @PrisonKind
Founder, Prison Service of Compassion

Teresa Njoroge, @teresanjoroge @CleanStartKenya
Founder and CEO, Clean Start Kenya

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