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Waymo had to rescue an autonomous vehicle that was disrupted by security cones


Creating computers to understand and navigate man-made roads can be daunting. Just ask Elon Musk. Often, we begin to see how many things can go wrong if an autonomous vehicle is facing a problem it is unaware of. 35-minute video from Joel Johnson (via Autoblog), YouTuber who shares his social media accounts One way inside Arizona, Provides a missing image from the perfect error.

About 12 minutes from the video, Johnson’s car is about to turn onto a busy highway. Unfortunately for the Waymo driver, the right lane was blocked, with corner builders showing a distortion. Behind the car door, not knowing what to do next, Waymo’s representative contacts Mr. Johnson to inform him that Roadway Assistance is on its way. Before reaching the scene, the car sped by, suddenly stopping in the middle of the road. Then it makes the problem worse by going backwards. “Now it’s blocking the whole road instead of half,” Johnson said in a statement on development.

Meanwhile in the video, a flatbed car builder comes to pick up the cones that disturbed the Waymo driver. As soon as help arrives, the truck comes from a distance just to meet a number of cones and send more help. Before the driver of the man gets in the car and drives Johnson to his destination, Waymo Driver tries to restart.

Waymo says workers will not be able to drive long distances. Instead, they can simply give the Waymo driver an idea of ​​how to navigate the crisis. After encountering a “strange” (construction) and asking for help from a remote specialist, the company says, “the Fleet Response team provided the wrong direction.” That’s what led to the increase in things as it happened.

“Even though things weren’t going well, Waymo Driver drove safely until Roadside Assistance arrived,” the company said in a statement to Johnson. “Throughout the process, the Waymo team connects with the rider, who provided thoughtful and helpful suggestions that allow us to continue learning and upgrading the Waymo driver.” If there’s a silver legacy at the event, it’s that Johnson rode for free (it’s a fun video). Waymo, meanwhile, says he has already learned what happened to achieve “the way we work.”

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