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Animals Men Think They Can Fight And And Because They Cannot

Some old men ready to lose the kangaroo war in London in 1931.

Some old men ready to lose the kangaroo war in London in 1931.
Figure: Hulton’s Fox Photos / Archive (Getty Images)

According to a The YouGov survey was released on Friday, some people do not think very well when it comes to knowing which animals can win each battle, unarmed. In the same way, he thinks he can win every fight.

For example, 6% of respondents believe they can beat a bear, 8% are confident that they can catch a gorilla or an elephant, 14% are as foolish as their ability to fight a kangaroo, and 30% think they can kill an eagle. Men, in particular, seems to compare most of the animals they can beat, with most American women men more than women saying that he could strike any animal except the lion.

All these people are wrong. The only correct answer is no. Man is a weak bag of prescription drugs on TV with the wrong answers of this kind and without the fear weapon that is always lost. That is why.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears don’t want to fight you, because they want to be left alone when they eat plants, fruits, fish, insects, and rotting animals. Larger ones, depending on the colors, are also heavier up to 1,700 pounds. You are confused.


The lion would to know you. Game over. If there is tall grass around you you may not know you are dead before it happens.


Elephants are the size of cars if the cars had big horns in front and four legs to crush you when you finished chasing you. They they can also throw you around with their future noses. Most importantly, they are much smarter, smarter than any unarmed person who would choose to beat an elephant.


Gorilla is a gentle giant and probably do not choose to fight. That it can break both your hands and hit you to death if you choose to fight them because the monkeys are strong around six times more than man and an arm’s length of 7.5 to 8.5 feet. Also, they have men.


The crocodile just bites with its big mouth.

The wolf

Wolves have a mouth full of sharp teeth designed to hold them in place meat so as not to draw them out of their mouth. He can also run 35 to 40 miles per hour in a small explosion and having a quick mind. The wolf wins, there is no difference.


Kangaroos should be at the top of the list. They have big toes on their feet as long as they can disembowel easily man and their kicks end Bones that can break. Sure, it can cool your face and forelegs too. The only way a kangaroo doesn’t fight your ass is like they do not choose to do so for other reasons.


Chimpanzees are very aggressive. Biologist Frans de Waal of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center told Scientific American their strengths “Incomprehensible” for a man, and men five times stronger than a man and the big teeth of a canine. They can go up in price and stuff and then jump on you. They know how to use easy-to-use weapons and will not honor the words of war. Chimpanzees waged war a long, long in front of people did and has been accomplishing from that time on.

King Cobra

Whether you can fight it or not, you will still lose about 15 minutes or so, because it bites very deadly many.

Big dog

See? The same.

The eagle

An eagle can fly, meaning that it can fly into your eyes and destroy your skin nails It will continue to have meaningless idea of vision in doing this. Also, I think his mouth is it was called.

Medium dog

This is the same danger as an adult dog, unless the dog wins the fattest belt after finishing with you.


Do not ignore the aggressive goose. Just believe me this.

Cat House

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Cats are also aware of your weaknesses and treat them with cruelty. Here two billion animals a year in Australia only and you will be one of them.


Even rats must have been is accused of the Black Plague, I can’t take your chance.

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