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Your spring calendar it probably looks pretty in the already filled. Your vaccination tours are coming, the family is planning to come, and maybe somewhere you will have a real date that you will have — your first for a while. (Lucky you.)

Make room for explosive objects with a pencil on the occasion, because apple is participating in the video today, April 20. The conference will be shown, and you can watch at home as the company showcases the latest, most beautiful equipment.

It is always difficult to imagine what a secret company like Apple could prepare for this event as it approaches, but we can only hope for what we will see at today’s event based on well-known information and research reports at other retailers. Many brands point to new ones iPads– in particular, the newer versions of the Pro Pro are a revival of the newly downloaded Mini. According to Bloomberg, the larger iPad App will have a more transparent display, and all versions of the Pro will have faster chips and a Thunderbolt port for connecting multiple devices. Other reports show to see Apple’s new Pencil Tuesday, as well as the advent of AirTags, a few report widgets that work with Apple’s Find my app.

We’re sure we won’t see a new iPhone, new AirPods, or preview for MacOS or iOS. IPhone phones are released as usual in the fall, and the apps are the ones highlighted at Apple’s International Conference, formerly scheduled for June.

How to Monitor

Apple’s story begins at 1 pm East, 10 p.m. Pacific, lighting Tuesday, April 20. You can move it in the game above. You can also see the river at Apple Page, in an Apple TV program, or in a company YouTube video.

The Apple TV model is new to last year — with Apple having its own search function, it also features mobile video software, Apple TV boxes, Roku boxes, and other smart TVs. You can open the app and get a chance to broadcast what’s happening on Tuesday if you subscribe to the Apple TV + ad every month.

We encourage you to start using your TV using your YouTube app or Apple TV app. Smart craft companies are showcasing a wide range of high-quality visuals that look great on large colors. Plus, if you watch it on your TV, this frees up your laptop to post an interesting voice in Apple’s favorite twitter.

Expect Apple to be around for 60 minutes. After the event, return to WIRED to discuss the achievements of the announcement and show how Apple companies are responding and continuing with its latest tools.

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