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The HTC ‘Vive Air’ wireless headset drops on the prize page


HTC Vive is planning to release a VR Air header Vive Air, according to the release of Global Advice reward. It seems to be lightweight, easy to make with the next four cameras – like List of Oculus Quest, but it is much larger.

According to the Design Guide, Vive Air was “designed to be durable, pre-designed to be durable and long-lasting.” To achieve this, it uses synthetic materials made of high-speed and fast-drying shoes for good ventilation. It also has a quick design so you can remove it from the soft material to wash it off.


Activities and active games like Beat Saber have been the most successful (and honest, few) successes in VR. It’s great for boxing, dancing and other exercises because it gives you a 3D space where you can see how to do it. It also makes exercise more fun, adding more fun compared to using the music itself, according to one lesson.

To achieve this, a lightweight VR end theme that is lightweight, easy to clean and with good tracking looks great. If HTC wants to roll out the device (which seems impossible) it is not known if it could launch another fitness device. However, it should reveal this new species and more ViveCon 2021 on May 11 and 12 this year.

HTC's VIVE Air VR Headset is dropping


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