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Pax Era Pro Review (2021): One of the Top Notebooks


Every farmer, legal or not, can buy 510 fiberglass oil cartridges that most manufacturers use that are connected to different battery packs, but Pax pods are different. The jackets and their fittings are made by the company and then sold exclusively through oil production.

This means that even though Pax isn’t making its own oil, you have a very high level of quality assurance (and Pax can make a lot of money by improving the distribution components). When the fruit is not in the hands of the company, it belongs to the vape oil company, which must comply with the applicable government regulations. Because marijuana is illegal in the United States, where you can buy it depends on any state law. In the meantime, this means that all the operations in each state must be in government lines.

Each pan contains the world’s smallest NFC chips and is included in the actual product group they contain. Add Era Pro with Bluetooth to your Android smartphone, open the PAX app, and it will show you the results of each individual test. Very interesting.

I was told by supervisors at PAX that making such a simple program requires a lot of madness – legally or not – because every government requires different packages and tests.


My first impression, after taking a good resin from Buddie’s Cannabis here in Portland, is that Steve Jobs would probably like this in college. All you have to do is put the cartridge in and blow it, but behind the operation, there are a lot of Woz-y things going on.

Photo: Pax

When you put the cartridge in, the pen not only uses a small pen it simply looks at the cartridge you have inserted, but also draws the manufacturer’s temperature into it – which often changes from smell.

You can adjust the PAX temperature change by pulling a little out of the cartridge, such as pumping a bicycle pump. You will hear a button-like button, and you will see external lights from one page (very cold) to four (very hot), with a fifth stop and a glance at which they are making. Usually, I find that sitting between one and two lamps.

One of the great advantages of NFC technology is that it is read-and-write, which means that when you change the temperature of a particular pod, the pod also remembers. Adjust the bean sprouts and your PAX will adjust according to each individual. Very nice, especially if you like different beans at different times.

Unlike other vaporizers, the Era Pro has no button; instead it makes sense when you inhale using a number of very accurate sensors. Unlike the previous Era, the new Pro has two sensors, which is why you should not accidentally pull out the weeds in your pants when you think you are breathing on a boat.


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