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Visa prices: Mexico wants work program, US offers aid | Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Story

Mexican President Lopez Obrador and US Vice President Kamala Harris are holding a meeting to discuss the growing number of illegal immigrants.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has set up a tree-planting system work program in Central America where he said it should lead to visas in the United States, in talks with refugees on Tuesday for US President Kamala Harris.

Earlier in the call, Harris said the United States and Mexico should fight violence and chicks together, as well as the causes of migration to Central America.

“Together, we must fight violence, we must fight corruption and impunity,” Harris said.

President Joe Biden has given Harris the task of cracking down on immigrants in Mexico and Central America “Northern Triangle” – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – as authorities struggle to increase the number of people crossing to the United States on the southern border.

Harris responded positively to the US-Mexico border, which he hopes will be resolved providing support in the Northern Triangle.

“[M]The ostrich does not want to leave home and when she leaves it is usually because she lives to escape other problems or they are forced to leave because there [is] there is no chance, ”he said.

Lopez Obrador said he had ideas he wanted to discuss with Harris. He did not elaborate, but told reporters a few minutes earlier that the idea of ​​planting trees was at its peak.

At the invitation, the President of Mexico said “we have a single limit of more than 3000km [1864 miles] at length and we must agree with each other and avoid fighting ”.

Lopez Obrador, who has good connections with Trump officials and Biden officials, told reporters at his regular meeting Friday morning that they too are interested. safe migration.

“If there is a permanent, normal and orderly movement, we can avoid the dangers that refugees are forced to cross our country,” he said.

Applications for visas came as a surprise when Lopez Obrador addressed a conference in Washington in April.

Prior to the convention, Lopez Obrador was also present announced Mexico sent a letter from the US asking him to explain how he supports the anti-corruption movement against the government. He did not bring the request to the meeting.

Asked what Harris hoped to achieve in the talks and whether there would be any agreement, Ricardo Zuniga, the US special envoy to the Central American countries of the Northern Triangle, said on Wednesday that the talks would help immigrants and move forward.

“We are conducting a dialogue of this kind with a view to our relationship with Mexico in our minds,” Zuniga said. “Mexico is a major trading partner … We communicate closely with them economically and, through …

Harris said he will travel to Mexico and Guatemala on June 7 and 8. It will be his first foreign trip as vice president.

“No matter how hard we try to tackle violence, provide disaster relief, address food insecurity, under any circumstances … we are not doing well if corruption in this area continues,” Harris said last week.

U.S. offices occupied by young refugees are being used to challenge Biden officials manage migration With both the Republican party and some progressives.

Most of the migrants are Unaccompanied minors, some 17 years old.

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