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Video depicts the brutal death of a Black Man at the hands of police: AP | Black Life Essential Issues


Photo cameras obtained by the Associated Press Louisiana government soldiers miraculously, beating with fists and dragging a Black man as he apologized for leading them at a high speed while being miraculously arrested.

“I am your brother! I’m worried! “Ronald Greene could be heard telling the whites as the unarmed man was repeatedly armed before leaving his car on a dark country road.

The 2019 arrest outside of Monroe, Louisiana, is a case of human rights research. The Greene case was kept secret and accused of secrecy when Louisiana officials repeatedly refused to sing to release records and details of the murder of the 49-year-old man.

The Troopers told the Greene family that he died after falling from a tree during the chase. Later, state police released a single statement acknowledging that Greene had fought with the military and died on the way to hospital.

The 46-minute video acquired by the AP is based on a powerful single-camera camera. It appears that one of the soldiers is fighting Greene on the ground, putting her in danger and hitting her in front of someone who is heard calling her a “stupid woman *****”.

Greene cries out “Sorry!” when another policeman throws another gun behind him and warns, “Look, you’ll find it again if you don’t put your hands behind your back!”

One observer can see the man pulling the man with his face tied behind his legs and arms.

This unwritten photo presented by his family in September 2020 shows Ronald Greene [File: Family photo via AP Photo]

Instead of offering help, the soldiers left Greene unattended, their faces staring and crying for more than nine minutes, as they used sanitiser towels to wash the blood off their hands and faces.

“I believe this person does not have AIDS,” heard one of the soldiers.

After a few minutes when Greene is no longer visible on camera, she reappears, paralyzed, unresponsive and bleeding from the head and face. He is then lifted into the ambulance crew, his hand strapped to the surface.

In most parts of the film, Greene is not at the window, and the police officer appears to have cut off the microphone by almost half, making it difficult to combine what happens on a regular basis. At least six soldiers were on the scene when not all of them were present body cameras on.

“They killed him. It was set up, it was fixed, “Greene’s mother, Mona Hardin, said Wednesday.” She was unlucky. Ronnie was unlucky. She can’t live to talk about it. “

Greene’s family lawyer Lee Merritt said the findings “have a striking indication of George Floyd the film, its length, its cruelty “.

“He apologized for trying to commit,” Merritt said.

Use of force

Louisiana State police declined to comment on the video. In a statement, the commission said that “the distribution of investigative files and video evidence in this case is not permitted and … undermines investigative procedures and undermines relevant and non-discriminatory results.”

State police initially ruled that the use of force by the military was justified and did not open an investigation until 474 days after Greene’s death.

“Police departments need to stop blocking roads for people to know, which is questionable,” Andrew Scott, a former Boca Raton, Florida, police chief who testifies as an expert witness to the use of force told all programs online.

“It shows you’re hiding something.”

Attorney Lee Merritt speaks at a press conference with Ronald Greene’s family and others, outside the Louisiana government at the Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 7, 2020 [File: Dorthy Ray/AP Photo]

Writing that Greene was “not guilty” and appeared to be in defiance of military orders, Scott said that dragging the detainee to the ground with his fists and chains was “evil, cruel, unnecessary”.

Charles Key, a Baltimore police constable and former police chief, asked the officers to leave Greene unattended, handcuffed and detained for several minutes.

Key told the AP that the practice was “just wrong.”

Governor John Bel Edwards allowed the Greene family to see the same thing body art last year and promised to release them publicly after the investigation was completed.

The Greene family filed a lawsuit against the “torturers” of Greene, and “left him beaten, bloodied and in custody” before arresting him.

Too fast

Greene failed to strike due to an undisclosed violation shortly after midnight on May 10, 2019. The video that found the AP started there, Trooper Dakota DeMoss chasing Greene’s SUV on rural roads over 185kmph (115mph).

A few minutes after the eviction, DeMoss warned on his radio: “We have to do something. Kill someone.”

As DeMoss and Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth chase Greene’s SUV, he can be seen coming out and raising his hands and saying over and over again, “All right, all right. I’m sorry.”

Hollingsworth slammed Greene with a shotgun a few minutes later through a driver’s window as they both tried to get out of the car.

Greene exits through the riders’ side as the soldiers knock her down. One police officer could be heard saying “He is grabbing me” while trying to arrest him. “Put your hands behind your back, you whore,” said one of the soldiers.

Hollingsworth beats Greene several times and appears to have slept in his arms before being arrested.

On one occasion, Trooper Kory York tied Greene’s chains and pulled the man to her stomach even though he refused.

York was suspended without pay for 50 hours for what he pulled and to prevent him from successfully body camera. York told investigators that the device was ringing loudly and “his focus was on other things”.

Hollingsworth, in other songs recorded by the AP, we can hear him telling a colleague in the office that he “beat a living f *** from” Greene.

Hollingsworth later died in a single road accident just hours after learning of his dismissal in Greene’s case.

DeMoss, then, was tied to the joint police interrogated them last year when he and two other soldiers allegedly used excessive force to pick up driver Antonio Harris.

The cause of Greene’s death is not immediately clear. Union Parish Coroner Renee Smith told the AP last year that her death was accidental and that she had been arrested.

Smith, who was not in charge at the time of the incident, said a file in his Greene office said he had died in a car accident and did not mention the fight with the state police.


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