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Vice Media will join gold search in new markets for profit


Vice Media, a media and youth advocacy group, has developed a free video streaming system to benefit from the integration that creates new interest that has never been realized.

The movie, a living food for non-essentials such as Needles & pins, a series on tattoo culture, first appeared on the Roku online TV platform in the US from Tuesday, as well as how the company sells itself to those who can get their money back before buying stocks.

While interest in digital retailers has waned, Vice executives have re-established their company as a entertainment and television production company – a segment that has been swimming in money as promotional services such as the Netflix app store.

“We’re interested in growing technologies, and as we see ecosystems grow,” said Jesse Angelo, a former New York Post executive who manages Vice Vice’s career and leisure activities. “We’re making a fortune.”

Having been announced as the future of publishing in the era of digital advertising, generations of companies with as much money as Vice have struggled to establish a sustainable business.

Angels rejected comparisons of Seconds with groups like BuzzFeed that immediately became popular.

“There is a misunderstanding that we are connected as a media company, right [Vice is] a major TV production company, ”he told the Financial Times.

“Through the plague [in] last 12 months. . . we made 60 or 70 TV shows. ”

Under senior Nancy Dubuc, a former A&E Networks executive who took over from founder Shane Smith in 2018, Vice has been re-examining his business model while seeking to preserve their flawed history and make thousands of years.

Dubuc has amassed huge sums of money by removing hundreds of people, using $ 250m in debt raised in 2019 to run reliable businesses, such as a real estate company and Vice Studios, its manufacturing arm.

He added Studios’ releases to broadcasters and advertisers, creating plans such as Netflix’s Fyre Fest recordings and the actual sale to Discovery Plus.

The Vice videographer will only focus on non-documentary programs on news, food and culture, says Kate Ward, former Shine Group CEO Elisabeth Murdoch who runs Vice Studios.

“We’re meeting the audience where they are,” he said, referring to “pre-existing needs” and free market growth, advertising services.

While the advertising industry pioneered with Netflix, which does not broadcast ads, companies such as Fox and Viacom have experimented with free advertising strategies. Fox expects its Tubi hunting project to generate $ 300m in advertising campaigns in the current financial year.

Vice Media lost money last year but made a profit in the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, according to people who know its finances. Dubuc is confident the group will benefit by 2021, the people said.

Vice, whose businesses include the independent group TPG and Disney media, wants to explore $ 3bn, a significant reduction from recent revenue, through mergers and acquisitions by 7GC & Co Holdings.

Those familiar with the plan said this week it has begun offering the agreement to those who will use their money to participate in the shares. The Wall Street Journal reported on Vice’s Spac’s plans earlier this week.

Vice started as a punk magazine in Montreal and rose to $ 5.6bn in 2017. It expanded to include TVs through programs by HBO and international advertisers, setting up a channel, called Viceland, which Smith announced “would bring thousands of years back to TV”.


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