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US sends 2.5 million COVID vaccine to Taiwan | Coronavirus News Plague

Sending more than Washington gave a shot on the island, amid US-China crisis.

The United States has announced that 2.5 types of COVID vaccines were on its way to Taiwan, more than Washington’s offer to shoot on the island, which has suffered political and military tensions from China.

Washington, rivals Beijing to escalate political unrest through so-called “vaccination diplomacy”, had pledged $ 750,000 in Taiwan but increased that number as President Joe Biden’s supervisors pledged to send 80 million US-made guns worldwide.

China expressed outrage earlier this month when US filmmakers went to Taiwan and announced vaccination offerings in the midst of tensions between Washington and Beijing.

“Wheels! Our 2.5 million vaccine bill is on its way to Taiwan, “State spokesman Ned Price wrote in a tweet on Saturday.

China, which thinks Taiwan is an important part of the region, has repeatedly offered to send a coronavirus vaccine to the island, which has been battling the spread of the disease. Taipei has described its blackness and the security of the shooting in China.

Beijing has been pressuring economic, military and diplomatic pressures in Taiwan in recent years and is putting it outside international organizations such as the World Health Organization.

Washington remains a major ally in Taiwan but has no ties at all with Taipei because it accepts Beijing.

Until recently, Taiwan was recognized as a result of the epidemic, with only a handful of people dying.

But cases have escalated after an explosion began by pilots.

“Thank you to #US for this wonderful relationship. The vaccine has promoted #Taiwan to make it safer and healthier, “Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen wrote on Twitter.

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