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US policy on Israel: Go boldly, Joe | The conflict between Israel and Palestine

To this day, United States President Joe Biden has thwarted his opponents’ left-wing rhetoric, and he is considering a domestic crisis that has been raging for hundreds of years as well as a traditional Democrat. Its incentive and building costs contribute to its generosity and generosity. And while the right to vote and the natural debts they love depend on the cooperation of the most careful Democrats, like Joe Manchin, the advice is simple.

Biden has apparently made important studies since the Obama years. Technically, he seems unwilling to get involved in pointless discussions with believing Republicans. Most importantly, they do not apologize for or undermine the sentiments of all lower and middle-class voters, such as raising wages or raising taxes for high-income earners.

In all of this, Biden represents the departure of the former Democratic House leaders in the White House, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who are often ruled by them as their main concern and gaining approval from the Wall Street Journal.

That’s all good news. And, in the case of foreign affairs, especially in Israel-Palestine, Biden is still a Democrat of the 1990s, that is, an unprotected and non-partisan ally in Israel. The actions of its supervisors, or lack of it, in Israel’s recent persecution – from forced evictions to comparisons of residences and media offices – are tragic.

Palestinians, Israelis, the Middle East region, and US foreign policy could be in a better position if Biden takes over the same Israeli-Palestinian positions they have received since its inception: fearless, timely, and responsive downward.

Moral and ethical instability in Israel in the US

Obviously, if there was a reason for supporting or establishing the US to take an unexpected stand on the side of Israel, it was long overdue. Although deceptive rhetoric contradicts, the image of young Israel, forced by enemy states seeking to remove it from the map, was accurate more than 50 years ago.

The atrocities perpetrated by Israel and the way in which their work was established, not to mention the only nuclear issue in the Middle East, make him oppressive, merciless. We do not cease to appreciate hearing the courageous Israeli audience in the US and elsewhere use the language of suffering when such speeches are appropriate for the Palestinians.

Other than the obvious and the obvious, there is no point in the US continuing to impose evils on Israel – the only thing it finds is a distraction.

Washington’s reluctance to give too much attention to the end of the war, or even to urge Israel to get involved in global politics, should come as a surprise to a few. There is no interest in Beltway publicly condemning Israel’s actions as we saw last month. And while US aid to Israel has been ridiculous, almost mawkish, led by Trump / Kushner, incomplete checks have identified US-Israeli relations since 2016.

International and domestic incentives alike

If Biden were to reverse the trend of temporary moral and ideological failures, three collective bargaining would provide an opportunity to do just that.

The first is political: the past decade has changed many traditions in the Middle East. The Arab Spring, the rise of ISIL (ISIS), the nuclear deal in Iran and the transition to domestic divisions in major regional governments such as Turkey have joined forces to abandon the alliance that was disrupted, and to develop alternatives. Is Turkey a US ally, because of its involvement in NATO, or its allies, because of the Syrian civil war? Are Saudi Arabia and Israel enemies, because they do not continue to communicate, or their allies, because of their perception of Iran?

Particularly because the Palestinian crisis is not clear and is no longer a central issue in the region – if not, Trump’s so-called “Abraham Accords” has confirmed the symbolic exodus of Palestinians from major Arab cities – Biden’s superiors should have a great place to drive.

The second political change is in US politics. Israel has been transformed from a point where there was a dangerous and violent alliance between the two people into a strong opposition. This is because the new generation of liberals has become involved in politics during the Blacks Lives Matter and the inequality of order, largely due to Benjamin Netanyahu’s hateful man, who hates Barack Obama and the full embrace of Donald Trump, from one right to another, was not easily forgotten by Democratic voters. Taken together, these developments mean that Israel will no longer be able to rely on any political aid.

In addition to political, media and cultural issues in the US it is important for people to do things right.

In fact, the sheer size of the media continues to favor Likud- or AIPAC’s rhetoric. But there have been green shoots in any of the printers, television and the media. The New York Times and MSNBC broadcast the Palestinian language. Democrat officials such as Tim Kaine and Chris Murphy are joining Bernie Sanders as well as members of the Squad (Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib) in retreating against US unscrupulous Israelis. Supporting Palestinian independence and dignity is no longer a chore.

A third group promoting the transformation of Israel is the global history of the US. Biden’s administration has been in dire straits to make it clear, especially to an outside audience, that Trump was in need. Leaving aside the validity of these claims – in key domestic and international forums, Trump was continuing, not against US politics – Trump’s human rights push offers Biden a chance. If they really want to show that “the US is back,” and that nothing like Trump or Trumpism will ever appear again, then what better way than blaming Israel?

Biden’s tragic history in Israel

With all that being said, although the political costs of changing Israeli policy have been reduced, Biden will be one of the leaders who has taken the opportunity. In short, he had a terrible history of war against Israel.

As vice president of Barack Obama, Biden openly or secretly changes his boss’s policies in Israel several times. For example, throughout the years 2009 and 2010, Biden advised Obama against their plan to force Netanyahu to resign, and called for a “no compromise” between the US and Israel.

In 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton forced Netanyahu to make a phone call to end all protests, and with the assurance that she was going to discuss a two-state solution, Biden called for a coalition, which encouraged Netanyahu to ignore what he saw as a divided party. Similarly, Biden criticized Obama’s demands for failing to comply with the veto, UN resolutions against Israeli territories in 2016.

Recently, in the run-up to the 2020 elections, activists believe they have found assurances that the platform at the conference will feature Palestinian testimonials suffering from “work,” history. But Biden intervened to ensure the wording was removed.

Go boldly, Joe

For the most part, Biden did not enjoy the pressure on Israel. His actions reflect his long-held view that Palestinians should not waste money on political activities that would require them to achieve their goals.

Such a scandal would have been a mistake in 2021. No one expects the US to turn around and support the Palestinian Authority as boldly as it did in Kosovo, or to allow Israel as Venezuela.

But at the very least, the US can make billions of dollars in aid and high-quality weapons as long as Israel does not violate US law. It can show in its words that it also cares about the lives of Palestinians such as the “right of Israel to self-defense”. It could suspend national security in Tel Aviv at the UN, where it continues to accept resolutions against Israel. And it can stop participating in protests that stand in the way of a client’s government violating all rights and war crimes in general far away from what they claim to be.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.

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