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US names two women in senior positions in Afghanistan | Stories

The election comes as the Taliban government restores women’s rights to travel, education and employment.

The US has named two female ambassadors for senior positions in Washington, Afghanistan, such as women’s rights in this country it continues to deteriorate under the new Taliban regime.

Secretary of State of the United States Antony Blinken appointed Rina Amiri as special envoy for women, girls and human rights in Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Amiri has spent 20 years advising governments, the UN and ideas problems related to Afghanistan. Under former US President Barack Obama, he served as senior adviser to the US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Rina brings 20 years of expertise and unique knowledge that will advance our important mission in a peaceful, stable and secure Afghanistan for all,” Blinken said on Twitter.

Blinken also named Stephenie Foster, a former government official, as the new chief adviser for women and girls in the US operations to relocate and rehabilitate Afghan people who are at risk of retaliation. After the Taliban took over the country.

The election comes four months after the Taliban took over the country after a white supremacist government collapsed and the last U.S. troops left after 20 years of war.

Since then, the Taliban has reduced the rights of women and girls.

On Sunday, Taliban officials issued a decree preventing women from walking more than 75km on the road unless accompanied by a male relative.

The advice given by the Ministry of Promotion of Prevention and Prevention Second, which also requested motorists refuse to ride women without wearing scarves, criticized the freedom fighters.

The move followed a Taliban ban many women in government positions due to return to work following their seizure of power on August 15, and girls are still not allowed to go to high school.

In recent weeks, the ministry has asked television stations in Afghanistan to stop showing women’s theaters and theater performances. It called again female TV reporters wearing a scarve on their head while giving.

Government of US President Joe Biden it is burned with fire from women’s rights groups for failing to ensure that their rights activists and others have been under constant scrutiny by the Taliban.

The women in Biden state sold the e-mails and text messages involved in the aftermath of the Taliban coup between August and the next. US uprising to leave the country, Reuters news agency reported, citing several sources inside and outside the administration.

At the time, Amiri told Reuters that the process of evicting vulnerable women was catastrophic.

The Taliban allowed all boys and girls to return to class, but they did not allow many girls to go to high school [File: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters]

Biden also made it clear in a high-profile interview that women’s rights concerns would not affect her life. election from Afghanistan, even though he promised during the campaign to make external policies on gender, he said.

The United States and other governments have done the same protested the Taliban failure to establish an “inclusive” government and has expressed concern over reports of brief killings.

Za Thirty women attended a rally in Kabul on Tuesday, demands that women’s rights be respected and criticizes Taliban officials for secretly killing soldiers working in the US-backed government.

“I want to tell the world, tell the Taliban to stop killing. We want freedom, we want justice, we want human rights,” protester Nayera Koahistani told AFP.

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