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US is launching the site to offer free COVID tests at home | Coronavirus Plague News

With a new site, set up the day before, Americans can order four free testing kits per home.

People in the United States can now order free COVID-19 weapons online, while the White House seeks to promote comparisons between the prevalence of coronavirus-related infections. Omicron range.

Biden Administration website, through which Americans call for the test, came online on Tuesday, the day before the official launch. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said it would work “less” until it was set up on Wednesday.

The program initially allows for four tests per home, which “will ship within 7-12 days upon request”, the White House said in a statement last week. Supervisors are working closely with the US Postal Service to prepare and submit tests.

It comes as part of President Joe Biden’s promise to make the test available to the US nationwide after his superiors were criticized for lack of home testing equipment and long queues at the test site during the holidays.

In December, Biden said his administration had done so to buy 500 million fast, home testing COVID-19 and making it available for free from January. Supervisors later promised to buy 1 billion exams but half of that money will be available this month.

“To help the American people be tested if necessary, the Biden Administration is buying one billion home, a fast COVID-19 test to give Americans free of charge,” the White House said in a statement on January 14.

On Tuesday, several U.S. lawmakers urged their regions to order their tests online.

Opponents criticized Biden for his actions trying to disappear last month, but Psaki in early December rejected the idea that the US government should provide testing weapons to the American people. “Should we just send one to every American?” he said.

But coronavirus infection and similar deaths have occurred on board from mid-November, and and Omicron updates are continuing to spread in recent weeks.

More than 850,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the US since the epidemic, according to at Johns Hopkins University data – the highest death toll worldwide.

International research has shown that Omicron causes less disease than the Delta race.

But health experts have warned that the new outbreak could result in death and hospitalization because of the widespread spread.

“Most people will still die as a result of Omicron’s transmission,” University of South Florida University epidemiologist Jason Salemi told the Associated Press. “Unfortunately this is going to get worse before it gets better.”

The media reported that protesters predict that 50,000 to 300,000 people in the US could die by the time the Omicron-related spike ends in March.

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