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US House to fund ‘Muslim bans’ | Muslim Ban News


The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a law that would limit the ability of any president in the United States to enact a law banning religious travel, which was accepted by human rights activists as a “major step forward”.

The bill, known as the NO BAN Act, is being answered by former President Donald Trump the anti-Muslim “ban” which barred travel to the US from many Muslim countries.

The bill, which is also due to pass in the US Senate for enactment, was passed by vote 218-208 in the House on Wednesday.

“Islamic bans have affected families, the lives of people for years and Muslims, Africans and other critics are threatening foreigners,” said Madihha Ahussain, a lawyer for Muslim Advocates, a US human rights group.

“We need to make sure that no President can impose racist restrictions in this way and with the NO BAN Act in this House, we are taking a big step to ensure that,” Ahussain said in a statement. a bill was passed.

A coalition of Muslim groups and refugee rights activists praised the House Act Wednesday [File: Andres Kudacki/AP Photo]

President Joe Biden it restored the ban on Trump’s movement by senior manager on January 20, his first working day.

Trump issued the ban as soon as he arrived in 2017, with protests and convictions.

He was twice defeated by U.S. courts before being transformed as a national defense and eventually reserved in 2018 by the US Supreme Court.

The law also applied to the majority of people trying to reach the US from Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya, as well as from North Korea and Venezuela. In 2020, Trump grew including Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.

Criticized as racism and punishment, it had recent and profound consequences for American Muslims and their families, refugees and others who had disappeared in three countries.

That shared families, barred people from accessing medical care, and barred friends and relatives from weddings, funerals, and the completion of schooling.

“Muslims and African Bans have used their power arbitrarily by selecting and harming countless individuals based on their race or religion,” Marielena Hincapié, head of the National Immigration Law Center, said Wednesday.

“The NO BAN Act will ensure that no President can re-establish these additional powers,” Hincapié said.

The NO BAN Act will alter US immigration laws to restrict religious discrimination and may reduce the ability of officials to impose restrictions on future travel restrictions.

Although Trump was defeated in the 2020 presidential election and Biden reversed the ban, US lawmakers said it was important to take action on law.

“Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims is a matter of national concern, and should not be repeated,” said Don Beyer, an aide to Bill.

“It is important to point out to the people of America and the world that the infidelity of our ideology, which hurts so many people, is not what we stand for and will never be repeated,” Beyer said at the time of the bill. .

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Chris Coons, who is affiliated with Biden, is leading the work to improve the rules in the room.


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