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US ambassador visits allies in Middle East ahead of Iran nuclear talks | Nuclear Energy News

Robert Malley will join Iran and the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Bahrain, the State Department says.

Robert Malley, the United States special envoy to Iran, travels to the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain at the top of the list. nuclear negotiations and Tehran established at the end of the month.

Malley will hold “talks with friends” from November 11 to 20, the State Department said Thursday, in recognition of the upcoming talks in Vienna to revive Iran’s nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“They will coordinate our efforts on a number of issues with Iran, including developments in the region and the forthcoming seven negotiations to coordinate with the JCPOA,” the State Department said.

Malley’s expedition comes as a US military initiated an alliance maritime studies with Bahrain, Israel and the UAE demonstrating the depth of the security agreement.

Israel and US allies in the Gulf have stated opposition to the JCPOA, but Biden has vowed to renew the agreement to shut down Iran’s nuclear program. However, US officials have promised asking and regional allies on Iran’s policies.

The 2015 treaty saw Iran reduce its nuclear program to eliminate international sanctions against its economy. Former President Donald Trump left from the alliance in 2018 and launched a campaign for “extreme pressure” of sanctions against Tehran.

In response, Iran has expanded its nuclear program, taking uranium heavier than the limit set by the JCPOA.

Vienna talks have been on the ice since June following the election of a permanent Iranian president Ibrahim Raisi and six rounds of indirect nuclear talks to the Austrian capital have so far this year failed to find a way back to the treaty.

The President’s government has called for Iran to return to the bloc, including lifting all US sanctions and guarantees that future American rulers would not end the treaty.

U.S. officials recently warned that the time was right it’s not over on the window of opportunity for the restoration of the treaty, Iran is acquiring nuclear weapons that could be difficult to adapt.

Last week, several progressive US agencies called on Biden officials to do “good” in Iran to achieve better nuclear talks. Among other things, he encouraged the production of Iranian products that have been dried and banned from being sold for sale, including the COVID-19 vaccine and medical equipment.

“This favor will show the depth and sincerity of the US in returning the ‘great pressure’ and should be given to Iran as such,” the parties, including J Street and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), said in a letter to Biden.

The US president and his top advisers have said in recent weeks that while talks are still a good way to resolve Iran’s nuclear program, they are planning “alternatives” if the Vienna talks fail.

The Biden government also demanded an alliance with Iran and its European allies who were disappointed by Trump’s exit from the 2018 coalition.

Last month, US security adviser Jake Sullivan said Biden would “force”.united front”And Europe” after four years of disagreement on Iran’s policies under the last regime “.

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