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The oil market continued to fluctuate after cyber-cyber blockade of US pipelines


The market is boosted by U.S. oil and diesel instability on Sunday when the country’s largest oil pipeline was closed following a cyber attack.

The Colonial Pipeline, which carries 45 percent of the oil used in the US East Coast, was Taken out Friday, blocking the flow of oil, diesel and fuel from the Gulf coast cleaner to markets such as Atlanta, Washington and New York.

The uproar comes as Americans begin to move more and more to prevent coronaviruses, and just before the US-led season, the peak is sought after several months in the country.

“We realize the magnitude is probably worse than we expected,” said Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy’s chief oil analyst.

De Haan said he expects “a little more impact” as electricity sales resume on Sunday evening, prices rising by a few cents. But if the pipelines are not opened quickly the problems with trees could be difficult in the coming days.

“With a little rest room, we start downstairs. But Monday, Tuesday if there is no news, you know we have something important. ”

Pipes are the world’s largest refining process, which travels more than 5,500 miles from Pasadena, Texas to Linden, New Jersey and New York Harbor, with 2.5m barrels per day, or about 15% of US demand . It operates other public transportation hubs in the country, including the most difficult airport in the country, Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta.

Demand for oil in the pipeline area rose by almost 4% on Saturday compared to the previous week, according to GasBuddy, showing a shocking rise as consumers complained about the temporary depletion.

The shutdown could also lead to a rise in U.S. oil imports, highlighting energy losses in the country despite decades of production and gas production.

“The big issue is that it has been quickly resolved, but if it is not for U.S. oil and diesel prices it must rise sharply to produce more exports from Europe,” said Robert Campbell, chief oil explorer at Energy Aspects.

The federal government could also repeal the Jones Act, which prohibits non-US ships from shipping between U.S. ports, allowing oil to be transported from the U.S. Gulf to the east, investigators said. Laws that require fossil fuels can also be temporarily lifted to make it easier to produce more fossil fuels, such as the need for leaks, says Campbell.

U.S. Gulf Coast cleaners who use a pipeline to the east will be forced to cut oil production, he said.

Larger pipelines rely heavily on machines to monitor speed and pressure, as well as to control oil leaks, increasing the potential for damage caused by computer theft.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is an attack on the most important things, “said Campbell.

The demonstration comes amid growing concerns about cybersecurity in the United States over the past year. SolarWinds Attack.

President Joe Biden was notified of the incident over the weekend, and the White House said the federal government was “working hard to address the situation, prevent disruption and supply, and assist the company to restore pipeline operations as soon as possible.”

The conspiracy came as the White House was preparing for further talks with lawmakers over the President’s demand for $ 2.3tn.

Biden and Democrats say unprecedented funding from remote buttons and the opportunity to help children are needed to support and rebuild the economy. But Republicans are looking for low-cost, well-maintained roads, such as roads, bridges, and tunnels.

Adam Kinzinger, Illinois’ Republican MP, said on Sunday that the rise of the colonial pipeline had confirmed the need to invest in more energy and energy sectors.

“This should increase our efforts as a country to deal with internal divisions. . . and pay close attention to things like future infrastructure, “he told CBS News.” This will continue to happen more frequently if we are not careful. “


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