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Uber relies on service delivery as the needs of the rideshare remain unchanged


Uber says it is “starting to burn on all pillars” with its high profile, although its catering business continues to elevate the list evenly.

Uber he recorded $ 19.5bn in total savings – the total cost of sales – up 24% in the same period last year, when the outbreak began to kill his business.

But reservations for those who have already ridden were slightly lower last quarter, and lower by 38% over the same period last year.

The shortage of available drivers has hampered the team’s resumption of operations. For the first time, Uber announced Wednesday that it had 3.5m operators operating on the platform, up 4% in the previous quarter but down by 22% a year.

Quarterly revenues came in at $ 2.9bn, according to experts. This included $ 600 million in costs that they are expected to address in the future to meet the UK’s previous a well-known court has been defeated on the number of workers that will see drivers in this country benefit again.

At the bottom of the meeting, Uber said its total revenue was $ 3.5bn, up 8% per year, beyond expert estimates. As has been the case with most epidemics, its distribution was mostly retail, at $ 1.7bn, an increase of 230% since the first quarter of 2020.

Winds of $ 1.6bn one from selling its own running shares alone helped Uber get closer to earning a profitable quarter, recording a loss of $ 108m compared to the $ 2.9bn quarter of the same year last year.

Uber’s performance, pre-adjusted profits of ebitda before the rise and fall, also came ahead of experts ’expectations, with a loss of $ 359m, 41% more than last year. Wall Street expected a loss of $ 452m, according to FactSet.

“Uber is starting to burn on all pillars, as more and more customers are coming up with us while continuing to use our larger offerings,” said Dara Khosrowshahi, senior, in a statement following the file.

On Tuesday the company announced its agreement with the accelerated program Gopuff shipping company providing reliable content through the Uber Eats program, using the Gopuff network of warehouses and drivers. Uber takes on an unfamiliar job in any business.

Uber is achieving its quarterly profit target, on the ebitda update, by the end of the year. Rideshare’s demands also show signs of a strong return to areas that free up hardship with vaccinated citizens.

As part of its release, Uber shared information from Sydney and New York, two major emerging and reproductive markets, indicating that more food storage was promoted or even reopened, which increased the demand for others.

Rideshare workers across the region have expressed opposition to the project when the economy reopens.

Last month Uber announced a $ 250m package of additional “incentives” for additional drivers, saying higher pay for high demand raises prices. On Tuesday, fellow competitor Lyft earned more money and a greater connection for drivers compared to quitting food.

There were 98m Uber users, whether passengers or food – an increase of 5% from the previous quarter but 5% lower than the same period last year.


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