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UAE has granted first civil marriage license to non-Muslims | Religious Affairs

A Canadian couple first married in the capital Abu Dhabi under a new law on the culture of non-Muslims announced last month.

The United Arab Emirates has issued its first civil marriage permit to non-Muslims, state media reports say.

A Gulf country where foreigners make up 90 per cent of the approximately 10-million people has been changing its policies to become more inclusive.

WAM accredited organization he said a Canadian couple were the first to marry under a new law on the status of non-Muslims in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi.

The move “contributes to the integration of Abu Dhabi’s status as a world-class center of expertise and expertise around the world,” WAM said.

Traditional marriage in the Middle East, the birthplace of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, is relatively new and often takes place under the auspices of one of the three monotheistic religions.

Customary weddings are legalized in Tunisia and Algeria.

Although some countries in the region have customarily allowed civil marriages to take place in some cultures, others are more likely to accept customary marriage unions and some do not.

The UAE has taken action last year to boost its foreign exchange reserves and skills, including bringing in long-term visas.

So it is modified rules related to cohabitation, alcohol and social norms.

Earlier this month, the UAE he announced all government agencies have adopted a new Western-working work week plan with four and a half days with Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday creating a new week.

Competition is growing as neighboring Saudi Arabia, seeking to transform its oil-rich economy, wants to turn its capital, Riyadh, into a world capital.

Saudi Arabia has lifted a ban on women driving and reduced its Muslim dress code.

Last year, Riyadh said it did not sign any agreements with companies with headquarters outside the empire.

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