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Indian version of ‘PUBG Mobile’ bans burglary bans

Fraud is as much a problem in mobile games as it is elsewhere, and Krafton is taking additional steps to eliminate the most serious offenders. 91 phones reports the maker is now eternal ban weapons for cheaters in Battlefields Mobile India (aka the local type of PUBG Mobile). Fraudulent players can’t just create new accounts to continue to ruin your match – mentally, they have to buy a new phone or tablet.

The concept of device blocking is not uncommon. Names like Job Call: Warzone and Appreciation change hardware frequently. It is not common on phones, however, it is Battlefields Mobile India is a well-known example especially when more than 16 million people play every day.

Prohibition of weapons does not eliminate fraud in a military brawler. Although device blocking requires a lot of effort to prevent it, especially on a cell phone, it is not possible. Krafton’s efforts may deter many fraudsters, however, and this may be enough to attract (or retain) honest players who have been discarded by past evils.

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