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US stocks are on the rise in post-holiday trading

U.S. stocks soared in a few trades after the holiday on Monday, when experts questioned whether the best markets that made Wall Street so high this year would continue until 2022.

The regular S&P 500 sector index gained 0.9 percent, after a profile-up close on December 23 following a week of disruption caused by the Omicron coronavirus and the US Federal Reserve is moving to reduce its emergency response strategies.

The Nasdaq 100 which focuses on stock gauge expertise added 1.1 percent.

S&P has risen more than a quarter this year, thanks to a reversal of business finances from the global coronavirus decline in 2020 and a very low interest rate that led investors to invest more.

US currency be very receptive and the latest financial data they have become strong. Some Wall Street analysts anticipate market gains in the near future, however, as the Fed raises interest rates to offset. rising inflation led by the pressure of the effects of the plague and rising rent and electricity prices.

“We are often optimistic about the US economy in 2022, even though we expect lower levels than in previous years,” Citi analyst Scott Chronert wrote to clients. “Concerns about recent inflation suggest that the Fed’s response will be crucial to market regulation.”

Louis Gave, of Gavekal’s research house, warned that Omicron could “disrupt the economy and the spread of materialism”. But he also said what he called “promoting” South African data he urged a new mutation that could be highly contagious would not be easier to hospitalize than Delta.

The Fed is about to cancel its emergency aid package, having bought $ 120bn from government grants and monthly debt repayments through the plague, in March. Officials of the central bank wait raising interest rates three times in 2022.

Yields on the 10-year benchmark US Treasury note, which are moving irregularly with the securities value of government debt, were down about 1.49 percent Monday.

This credit instrument has selling calmly this month as a commodity in the short term inflation that will not significantly affect the repayment of bonds, compared to cash, over time.

Lower government debt has been a major problem in the financial sector, however. Two-year Treasury yields rose by 0.03 percent to below 0.72 percent, the highest level since March 2020.

Elsewhere, the European Stoxx 600 share index increased about 0.7%. The sale of the London FTSE 100 was suspended on holiday.

The dollar index, which measures US currency against six others plus sterling and the euro, has risen 0.1 percent.

Sterling rose 0.3 per cent above the dollar to about $ 1.34 and rose 0.2 per cent against the euro, and bought below € 1.19, as traders awaited a ruling on the coronavirus ban in England from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Three national jurisdictions of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are in place brought back other dimensions.

The price of Brent crude, the oil level, rose 3 percent to $ 78.68 a barrel.

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