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U.S. scholars unveil a temporary capsule found in a portrait of Robert E Lee | More History

Virginia’s image of the Confederate General who led the South into the US Civil War was removed after the Black Lives Matters’ protests.

United States environmentalists pull buttons, coins, documents, and other artefacts from capsules found in the remains of a trunk that once had a sculpture Confederate General Robert E Lee in the U.S. state of Virginia.

The director of the Virginia Department of History, Kate Ridgway, said the dimensions and items in the box were similar to the history.

The contents were released Tuesday, apparently to parallel the description of the 1887 capsule that scholars have been seeking.

Records kept by the Library of Virginia show that many Richmond residents, organizations and businesses donated about 60 items to the capsule, inclusive. Confederate memories.

“It looks like this is the box we’re looking for,” Ridgway told reporters.

General Lee led the south of slavery in the US Civil War and pillars to him were like lampstands in recent wars against ethnic justice.

Staff took action after removing the 1887 capsule from the old Robert E Lee Monument in Richmond, Virginia, December 27, 2021. [Jay Paul/Reuters]

The Virginia governor has ordered the removal of a large statue of Lee in 2020 amid international exhibitions launched by Police kill George Floyd. Lawsuits pushed back its plans, and the statue was not removed until September, when the court cleared the way.

The box was found and carefully removed from the memorial site on Monday, marking the end of a long search for the capsule.

“He finds it! This is probably the time everyone is looking forward to, ”said Governor Ralph Northam as the box was removed from the rubbish.

Ridgway said the box, which weighed 16.6kg (36lbs), was found in water on a small pedestal. The contents were wet, but “not soup”, Ridgway said, adding: “I think it’s better than we expected.”

News articles from the late 19th century elaborate on the introduction of time capsules on pedestal bases, and comparative tests conducted earlier this year appeared to confirm its existence. But a long search in the period of September to remove the image he came out empty-handed.

Earlier this month, Northam ordered a treadmill removal, and crew members began searching for the artwork.

The long-lasting capsule was discovered two weeks ago, bringing joy, but the hours of hard work and weather analysis showed that the painting had been installed by someone, perhaps someone involved in the construction work.

Ancient inscriptions have led many to speculate that the capsule may have contained a missing and well-known portrait of the deceased. President Abraham Lincoln. One line from a newspaper article also mentioned “a picture of Lincoln lying in his box”.

On Tuesday, detectives found a printed image from Harper’s Weekly 1865 in a capsule of time Ridgway said it appeared to be depressing. Manda in Lincoln – and it did not appear to be the most anticipated picture.

Construction workers remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee in Richmond, VirginiaA statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee was removed in Richmond, Virginia, in September [Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters]

Harold Holzer, a Lincoln historian and academic, had previously told The Associated Press that he believed it was impossible for the capsule to have a true picture of Lincoln in his coffin because the only known image of Lincoln after his death was taken by an artist. Jeremiah Gurney. City Hall in New York April 24, 1865.

The contents of the tightly packed box grew out of the damp and sticky, which made the discharge difficult, so caregivers decided to reduce the pressure by cutting one side.

“It’s not good but that’s the way it is,” Ridgway said.

Along with several books filled with water and various notes, the box contained an envelope of Confederate coins, which the bankers carefully separated, and two drawings – the Masonic symbol and Confederate flag is said to have been made from a tree that grew on top of General Stonewall Jackson’s original tomb.

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