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U.S. police have released protests over the arrest of Black Man 2019 | Black Life Essential Issues

Ronald Greene was arrested, beaten and forced to sit down after being arrested in Louisiana, a video game show.

Police in the state of Louisiana in the United States have released a photograph showing the violent arrest two years ago of a Black man who dragged him from his car, chained and beaten, and once again calls for an end to police violence against black people in the United States.

The Associated Press press earlier this week was released previously unseen videos showcasing Louisiana soldiers in shock, punching and pulling Ronald Greene as he apologizes for his quick lead.

The arrest of May 2019 outside Monroe, Louisiana, is a case of human rights research.

The Greene’s case was kept secret and falsely accused while Louisiana officials repeatedly refused to sing to release the record of what led to the 49-year-old’s death.

Police had previously said that Greene died after falling from a tree during the chase. He later said Greene fought with the soldiers and died on the way to hospital.

Recent findings in the Greene case come just days after the anniversary of the assassination of George Floyd, who was arrested for nearly nine minutes in custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and who died sparked international protests.

An AP-connected video camera showed Louisiana police in shock, beating and dragging Ronald Greene into custody in 2019 [File: Family photo via AP]

Former police officer Derek Chauvin was judged about Floyd’s assassination in the most controversial cases last month – a ruling that has been hailed as an important part of the US civil rights movement.

Greene – who was beaten and arrested by officers – tried desperately to roll over but was ordered to stay on his stomach, a video of the camera being arrested for 2019 showing.

“All right, all right. I’m sorry. I’m worried. Policeman, I’m scared, I’m your brother, I’m scared,” Greene said as two officers tried to pull him over the car, US CNN reporters said.

A confidential autopsy report, which has also recently been released, cites Greene’s head injury and how he was restrained as the cause of his death in 2019, the AP said. He also said that he was addicted to cocaine and alcohol in his body and that he had a broken chest and torn nerves.

“I beat him alive, and choked him with everything else in an attempt to control him,” he heard Trooper Chris Hollingsworth tell a fellow police officer in a recently released video. “All of a sudden he was just respecting … I thought he was dead.”

Alan Fisher of Al Jazeera, speaking from Washington, DC, said the Greene family had criticized Louisiana officials for hiding.

“The family was told that Ronald Greene was killed in a car accident. What we see clearly from the video is that this is not the case,” Fisher said.

“She was detained for what she described as a traffic jam. He raised one hand, was apprehended by police, but was stopped, taken out of a car, arrested, and once – even tied to his feet – was dragged away by police.

“Now as soon as he lay down” he was moaning and groaning. But the police there ignored him for a total of nine minutes. When the doctors arrived, they found that they did not respond, and a few minutes after arriving at the hospital, they were pronounced dead, ”said Fisher.

The family, as well as human rights groups in the US, have asked to be held accountable for what happened.

“For two years, the Louisiana State police have refused to release this – and now we know why,” the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Louisiana wrote Friday.

“We want to hold these officers accountable, to oversee the state of Louisiana State Police, and to make changes in the number of police officers.”

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