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Twitter allows everyone to listen to Spaces without logging in


Twitter wants to add Mapata‘potential audience, so it makes for a listening conversation for everyone – even those who don’t want to sign up for an account. Now, recipients and listeners can send everyone a direct link to Spaces, and those without Twitter accounts can listen online without logging in.

The site has been adding features to make Spaces easier to share and access since it started the word chat. In July, it allowed users writing new tweets from Space, which can link to voice chat and any hashtags it has. Caused a Malo tab on iOS in October, giving users access to audio displays in one place. Then, that opened a tourism industry for everyone, which means more movies that people can listen to.

Since not everyone can call it aired on radio, Twitter also unleashed the possibility reputation Spaces messages for a handful of users with iOS. By recording their sessions, facilitators should be able to connect with and share them for 30 days, and the audience on the platform can view their time.

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