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“Tweets should continue to flow,” Twitter says between Representation and India


Twitter shows a derogatory term inside struggle and India in reducing accounts in the country. On Monday, the company released its first response since the Indian government ordered it to repay more than 250 accounts it had violated in violation of the Ministry of Justice. Among the closed accounts were a Caravan, a home magazine, and people who criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“We strongly believe that free and free exchange of information affects the whole world, and that Tweets should continue,” the company said in a statement shared with BuzzFeed News.

Twitter comments come amid a dispute with the dictatorial regime in India as millions of farmers protest the agricultural reforms, which have disrupted the country.

On Monday, reports in an Indian newspaper says the government has asked the company to suspend the additional 1,200 accounts allegedly sent to each other during the protests, and they are being evicted from Pakistan. A reports in the Times of India also mentioned an anonymous government official that India was outraged by Twitter boss Jack Dorsey for liking the tweets that supported the protests. A Twitter spokesman declined to comment.

On January 31, the Indian minister of IT ordered Twitter given more than 250 accounts of freedom fighters, politicians, and the Caravan have not been seen in the country. Twitter listened at first but changed direction six hours later. In response, the government of India ordered the site to close the accounts and threatened Twitter officials in India with violations of the law, including fines and up to seven years in prison.

But a week later, the accounts are still high, putting company employees in India at risk of retaliation.

“The safety of our partners is very important to us on Twitter,” the company said. “We will continue to liaise with the Government of India from a dignified manner and have requested the Honorable Minister, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to negotiate.”

Twitter’s actions have sparked a controversy in a country that sees the disintegration of millions of farmers protesting against agricultural changes that they say will hurt them financially. For Twitter, blocking these accounts also helps to make this possible, but does not limit them to the risk of legal consequences.

“We are reviewing every report we receive from the government as soon as possible, and we will take appropriate action on such reports and ensure that we adhere to our principles and commit ourselves to safeguarding public debate,” he said on Twitter. “Changes were shared through our Government communication process.”

Though honorable, some people, including the past Twitter users saw a second meaning in the statement. During the Arab Spring 2011, the company’s founder Biz Stone and former chief executive Alexander Macgillivray wrote a message about the company’s free speech. It was so-called: “Tweets Must Go.”


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