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Trump’s approach: How Netanyahu threatens Israeli democracy | Stories by Benjamin Netanyahu

After the fourth election in two years and the departure of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister, the situation in Israel is worsening – with Netanyahu also pouring oil on the fire.

Netanyahu no longer faces a loss of power on Sunday after 12 years in office, but is unwilling to accept a new various opponents joining hands against him.

Instead, he is pressuring members of the Knesset not to vote for a new government by urging its supporters, who have been gathering in front of the House of Representatives to stage protests and threats.

The next few days mark the end of Netanyahu’s era. Since the agreement reached by the government with the elected Prime Minister Naftali Bennett With less than 61 seats in 120 seats, each day they are counted.

Netanyahu’s attempt by his Likud party to find allies in allied institutions is a recent example of “King Bibi” and his quest for power.

Surprisingly, it was Netanyahu who made the next government possible by issuing a new law and at the conclusion of a speech ceremony with Arab parties, Donna Robinson Divine, professor of Jewish Study and Government at Smith College.

Netanyahu paved the way for another government to be empowered. He introduced the First Amendment Act to allow certain candidates; to speak with Mansour Abbas in terms of supporting his alliance, “he told Al Jazeera.

Machiavellian power plays

It has become a recurring theme in Israeli politics. For many years Netanyahu used all sorts of political and Machiavellian systems to become the country’s Prime Minister. However, Israel paid dearly for it. Politically, Israel is paralyzed. While senior government officials were retained, Divine said.

“Netanyahu has found a way to win four elections in two years in Israel, where the country has to work without budget for the last two elections,” he said.

Traditionally, the country has been severely divided, especially in the anti-Netanyahu camps.

Israeli security chief Shin Bet, Nadav Argaman, was warned political violence and called on all concerned to release weapons.

Without naming names, Argaman’s claims are directed primarily at Netanyahu and Likud. The followers openly denounced the members of the Knesset’s right wing as insurgents.

While Netanyahu himself said he opposed any violent calls, he was well aware of his words and their implications.

“Netanyahu is a very bright, well-educated and intelligent politician in Israeli politics,” Divine said.

As a result, his words were deliberately chosen. Netanyahu spoke of “the worst election fraud in the history of government“And the” biggest deception in the history of democracy. “Bennett’s idea of ​​forming an alliance with the Arabs is why people deceive themselves and take action, Netanyahu pointed out.

Netanyahu’s claims parallel that of former US President Donald Trump and his post-election rhetoric, especially on January 6 – he claims sparked political violence in that country.

Naftali Bennett’s Yamina party has denied the need to impose a ban on Netanyahu’s employment [File: Abir Sultan via AP]

‘Israel is in danger’

Asked if Netanyahu’s allegations of election fraud matched Trump’s playbook, Uriel Abulof, an associate professor at Cornell University, told Al Jazeera: “So far: Netanyahu did not claim to have been robbed, but Bennett deceived his voters. However, Mr. Bennett did not, for he made it clear that he wanted Netanyahu removed. ”

In fact, Bennett announced that he did not want to work with them close ally Yair Lapid or Arabic parties. However, the devil seems to be in the details, Abulof said.

“Many refer to Bennett’s signature on a letter promising not to have Lapid and the Arab party, but to forget that the letter contained the title of the” treaty “, and Bennett told Netanyahu to sign it. Netanyahu did not, so there is none.”

However, as Abulof also points out, Bennett did not adopt this. As a result, he may think that he has kept his security.

The extra oil was added and sponsored by a prominent group of Orthodox and religious educators, who echoed the sentiments by saying that “anything” should be done to prevent the new government from being sworn in.

In addition, the situation has worsened with reports that the new government is enacting a law that would ban Netanyahu from operating.

Where is Bennett Yamina’s party to say that this was just an idea and the rejection of the law led to a final agreement between the two parties, the same rumors have already been reported and could benefit Netanyahu, said Maayan Geva, a professor in the Department of Social Science at Roehampton University.

“The reports have been widely circulated by Netanyahu and the media who support him, which is why he is being used as part of Netanyahu’s ‘endangered’ campaign,” Geva told Al Jazeera.

While Geva agreed that the law could be enacted, there are no objections.

“Netanyahu is the source of a lot of problems for rival politicians, and if he can enact a law to solve Netanyahu’s problem, he can. We must realize that even if the law is drafted and approved by the Knesset, it must be referred to the Supreme Court.”

‘Israel is not a king’

Earlier, Bennett spoke of “violent machines” being set up deliberately. Then, speaking directly to Netanyahu, he said, “Allow Israel to move forward.”

Referring to Likud’s claim that the government was on the verge of extinction, he replied that the agreement was “10 degrees above the right” than it is now and Israel was allowed to choose a government that is not led by Netanyahu.

For Bennett, it will be about courage and focus in the next few days.

“There will be a lot of shouting for a change of government, but Naphtali Bennett is right – Israel is not a king,” Divine said.

However, damage has occurred. Netanyahu appears to be seeking to undermine Israel’s democracy because of the limited opportunities available, especially for their own reasons, Divine said.

His determination to remain in office as escape route if he or she is found guilty of the charges against him or her, he or she has violated public order. ”

However, the consequences of Netanyahu’s selfishness are serious and dangerous, according to Geva.

“We are witnessing a desperate political candidate who has been in office for a long time and is afraid of what will happen if he is no longer a PM. Netanyahu has a solid basis for supporting him, and it is possible that some of the violence could be perpetrated following his assertion. The violence may also go to the expected government members, especially members of the right-wing parties whom Netanyahu has branded as terrorists. ”

‘Do what they accuse you of’?

Netanyahu, of all people, needs to know how hot conditions develop. In 1995, he was the Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated with strong right wings.

Similarly today, Netanyahu participated and apparently did not learn. As an opposition leader, he was the main speaker at two shows that included songs such as “Death to Rabin” and often took part in the opposition-Rabin group. He has them he denied the allegations.

“Netanyahu is also playing a key role in spreading the dangerous notion that the country is being threatened in an attempt to mobilize its supporters,” Geva said.

“As a result, it is easy to compare what it is with 1995 based on the concern that people will react to statements made by Netanyahu and his followers, and use violence to ‘save the world’.”

So what does the scene look like? “Civil war if violence breaks out,” Abulof said. However, the chances of this at the moment are slim, he admitted.

“If Bennett swears, chances are the government will force Netanyahu to resign – even if it is unthinkable,” he said.

Thus, the current situation with other tests if Israel begins to fail, Abulof concludes.

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