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Trump calls on US Supreme Court to ban violent file release on Jan 6 | Donald Trump News

The former US president says White House files relating to the Capitol attack are protected by a ‘great opportunity’.

Former US President Donald Trump has turned to the United States Supreme Court for a final attempt to keep documents from a congressional committee investigating the issue. January 6 revolt at the Capitol.

Trump’s lawyers argued in their appeals to the Supreme Court on Thursday that the US Constitution and another law, the Presidential Records Act, give the former president “absolute right to protect his privacy”.

He wrote: “The very nature of the matter seems to have undermined its independence.

The request came two weeks after the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejection Trump’s opposition to Democratic President Joe Biden’s proposal to allow the documents to be issued. The decision will remain in force until the Supreme Court takes action.

Trumpet prosecuted a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives investigating the January 6 terrorist attacks, as well as the US National Archives, to prevent the White House from allowing the release of documents related to the riots.

He states that if a former president he is free to say “great opportunity” on the record, arguing that releasing it could undermine leadership in the future.

Biden was already there sure that the document, contained in the main branch, should not be given a substantial advantage, which protects the privacy of other internal White House communications.

Delivering them to Congress is in the national interest, Biden officials said in October.

After weeks of repeating false claims that the US 2020 presidential election was marred by widespread fraud, Trump on January 6 issued fire words in Washington, DC, where he urged his supporters to “stop stealing”.

The group of people who follow him then he made a storm The Capitol House where Congress met to confirm Biden’s election victory. Republican leader after him undisputed for “causing riots” in connection with a fatal riot.

But Trump’s lawyers they said in their courts that the House Select Committee’s request was “substantial” and “disrupted an unprecedented position of responsibility”.

The appellate court ruling earlier this month, which prompted Trump to appeal to the Supreme Court, was another issue for the former Republican President and his allies. They will continue to challenge the committee on obtaining documents and witnesses.

These notes include presidential notes, guest notes, notes, manuscripts “of what happened on January 6” from old files. chief of staff Mark Meadows, and “the Executive Order’s policy on electoral fidelity”, the National Archives said.

Congress investigating the January 6 riots said it needed the documents to understand any role Trump would play. inciting violence.

Trump has said he can call for a better chance considering he was president at the time even though he is no longer in office.

The Supreme Court has a 6-3 majority of non-compliance that includes three Trump-appointed judges, but has not been compliant with his demands.

In February, the court rejected an appeal that barred the disclosure of its tax records as part of a New York criminal investigation. In 2020, the court again rejected the attempts of Trump and his allies to cancel the presidential election for that year, who lost Biden.

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