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During the closing day, photography during the trip nurtured our jealousy, lust, and lust. For travelers back in the 19th century, photography was important in another way: “You may have been there, but you haven’t photographed, so you buy to show the villagers,” says scholar Jamie Allen. Assistant assistant at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York.

The upcoming exhibition looks at many of the most popular tourist and tourist attractions over the years. Lilyan Jones is an employee of the Alden Scott Boyer Collection at the Eastman Museum. Working with the photographs taken in the museum, he passes more than 13,000 items donated to the museum, some of which date from the beginning of the art to the 1950s.

“I chose this topic because when I first started working on it, we were very insecure. I thought it would be good to look at pictures from around the world,” Jones told BuzzFeed News. “There are a lot of early Egyptian views, people climbing pyramids; there are ancient views of India and Japan and even Niagara Falls.”

George Eastman Museum was named after the creator of the Kodak company. Eastman was a pioneer in film and photography, and the museum rightly claims to be the world’s first focus on photography.

“Early painting is seen by people who can’t walk on their own,” Allen said. “Now that travel is open, you can find many places and see many things. Our definition of travel photography has changed. “

Allen said the aim of the exhibition is to extract gemstones from archeological sites that are not on display. Of the 450,000 objects in the photographic department, he said, “some of these images do not see the light of day. There are photos of Ansel Adams that are amazing, and this gives you a chance to see some of the things the photographer did that are not the ones he was famous for.

He added, “Tourist pages were not approved at that time. In the early days, you didn’t have your own camera, so the photographer is a professional photographer, and you buy the picture from them or the store. ”

Here, we took a look at some of our favorites from the show, which include photos from over 100 years ago.


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