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Tonga says he is facing an ‘unprecedented disaster’, with many missing | Volcanos Stories

In an initial statement about Saturday’s volcanic eruption, the government confirmed that at least three people had died.

The government of Tonga says the Pacific island nation is facing an “unprecedented catastrophe” after a massive tsunami triggered a tsunami that covered parts of 100,000 people in volcanic ash.

In his introduction to the undersea mountain range People of Southern-Ha’apai The blast on Saturday, the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday confirmed that at least three people had been killed, including a British woman.

“As a result of the eruption, lava flows spread across Tonga to the entire island of Tonga. ‘Apai Islands, “he said.

“Because of the seriousness of the damage identified”, the government said other rescue teams have been sent to Mango, Fonoifua and Nomuka islands. All the houses in Mango – where they were identified – were destroyed and only two were left at Fonoifua, where they were severely damaged at Nomuka, it said.

Tongan ships were being sent to the islands affected by the floods and food shortages, while work from the worst-hit areas was under way.

The eruption was the largest since Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991, and the largest eruption was heard in Fiji more than 750 kilometers (466 miles).

Two ships from the New Zealand Navy, carrying rescue teams and cargo equipment, are already on their way to Tonga.

Efforts to curb the crash are hampered by a series of catastrophic hurricanes that cut off the seabed in the islands, as well as the massive ash that covers the runway at the country’s main airport.

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