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Tokyo Olympics: Team Uganda team tested for COVID | Olympic issues

Proper testing is the first virus found among athletes arriving at the Olympics in Tokyo.

One of the Olympic teams in Uganda tested for coronavirus and was banned from entering Japan, the first outbreak of the disease among athletes coming to the Tokyo Games to open for five weeks.

Eight members of the group left early Sunday morning on a bus bound for the town of Osaka, in central Japan, where COVID-19 cases are still pending.

Yasutoshi Nishimura, finance minister, said on NHK TV Sunday that the government was looking at the progress of border controls.

The athletes, who arrive on Saturday at Tokyo airport in Narita, all received the AstraZeneca vaccine and underwent severe PCR tests before boarding, Asahi newspaper, citing an anonymous statement from Cabinet Secretary.

The victim who was diagnosed with the virus was not identified.

NHK has recommended that the person live in a government-appointed area.

Opponents have raised serious questions about the dangers of having the Olympics in the midst of a pandemic. But the International Olympic Committee, organizers of Tokyo and the Japanese government are insisting that the Games be held with caution.

“Let’s all wait and see,” Renho told the opposition parliament on Twitter. “This time, nine people came. At the Olympics, 100,000 people will attend. This is no time to be wishy-washy or to yield to another’s opinion. ”

Japan wants a two-week stay for immigrants, but the Olympic team does not follow the same limits.

Planners are expected to make a decision Monday to allow more local fans. Tokyo’s public viewing plans were abandoned on Saturday.

Immigrant followers were banned several months ago. Prior to the epidemic, Japan relied on the Olympics to provide more revenue for tourists and consumers.

The Uganda team was second, after the Australian women’s athletics team, to reach the Olympics, which start on July 23.

Uganda is seeing a dramatic increase in COVID-19 concentrations and has only strengthened its blockchain systems. About 590 people died, probably with less money, due to the lack of tests.

In Japan, an emergency ban on the spread of the virus in Tokyo, Osaka, and other urban areas ends on Sunday, although the number of daily cases increases by hundreds.

There has been no blockade in Japan. The so-called emergency, which has taken place this year, focuses on getting restaurants and shopping centers closer, reducing the number of people in the area, and asking people to be able to chat, work at home and wear masks.

Vaccination in Japan is the slowest vaccine among developed countries, and about 6 percent of the population have a complete vaccine. Although the release is slowly approaching, most people may not be fully vaccinated before the Olympics.

More than 14,000 people have died of coronavirus infection in Japan.

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