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Tips for Having a Writer

Fiction writer Jane Lindskold has published more than 20 books and short stories. In his instruction manual Traveling Writing, discusses topics such as doing research, not just covering other topics, and planning your work schedule.

“This book, in many ways, I respond to many books, which are written out there that promise – not just about them, they fulfill the promise – ‘Read my book, follow my steps, and be a great seller,’ and to me that is deception. , because it will not happen, ”Lindskold states in Section 471 of Geek design in Galaxy Podcast. “There is no gold key, there is no single answer, but you can find the answers, which are right for you, and this will make you the writer you want to be.”

One memorable part of the book discusses the relationship between writers and non-writers, a topic that is rarely reviewed in the textbooks. “I am a writer, and I have a writer, Roger Zelazny, so I am well aware that having a writer is a wonderful thing, “Lindskold says.” This person is faithful to spend a lot of time alone, looking for places you can’t go until he allows you, which affects people who don’t exist, in places that don’t exist, but are people and places that matter to them, at the same time. ”

Many relationships with writers suffer from the expectation that the author will read and appreciate their work. Lindskold believes that this kind of thinking is a serious mistake. “If he had an accounting officer who lived all day and made a very difficult agreement, would he expect that person to continue reading the contract?” he says.

Another major source of contention is that writers often lash out at their loved ones when they distort their judgment. Lindskold’s method is to communicate regularly with her husband Jim about the time they are thinking about the story. “I feel like I’m in debt with ‘Yes, you can bother me now, I’m just sitting here playing solitaire’ or ‘Please don’t bother me. I’m playing solitaire because I’m trying to find a place,’ ‘he says.” How would the devil know if I didn’t tell him? “

Listen to the full interview with Jane Lindskold in Section 471 of Geek design in Galaxy (above), and check out some of the discussions below.

Jane Lindskold on her short story “Rest”:

“‘Rest’ appeared Heaven Sent, by Peter Crowther. I think it was one of the coolest lessons I saw in a business magazine. They were looking for stories of angels, and I had the idea of ​​’Rest.’ I had to attend a seminar for all. I was a very good professor, which means that if I didn’t come, it would make me look bad, and if I did show up, I wouldn’t be expected to do anything but be a warm body. So I had my drawing board and I had an idea for the story, and I sat happily and wrote about an unhappy woman who was desperate to kill herself. I am very confident that no one in my department thought I was writing notes at this conference. ”

Jane Lindskold in action play:

George RR Martin he was playing as a stranger, ‘The Rock.’ And I just felt in my blood and bones that the Rock would try to pull something. That is why I wrote this letter [Carl Keim] to say, ‘[My character] I’m going to consult the medical department and find something safe on the Rock-but-difficult to follow that will be put on the Rock diet, because I want to chase Rock. ‘… And when, in the event or in the future, the Rock came down to the planets and fired, ready to do whatever evil was on my mind, I looked at Carl and said,’ I turn on the machine and follow him. ‘ And George was like, ‘You can’t! Small pieces! ‘And Carl just handed him the note, and George just looked at me and said,’ You didn’t give it to me! ‘ ”

Jane Lindskold on Roger Zelazny:

“He loves to talk about writing, but he never did anything like picking up one of my articles and saying, ‘You know, if you use this and that method, it can sell well.’ He let me know my own words.… I had never seen him more angry than when I had given a cold story to the legend, and the editor of the story called and said, ‘Roger’s name would sell very well, if you put Roger’s name on it Or you could put him in charge of a number of paragraphs, and in this way it would be an agreement. ‘I have never seen him get angry. This man did not realize that he had hurt himself so much that he thought so. “

Jane Lindskold on archeology:

“There was a problem in the floodplain in the arroyo that washed away the area under the tree roots and showed the bones, and the law enforcement officers knew that Jim and his team were working in the area, and they came and said, ‘Can you give us your opinion on these years? Should we start looking for a killer or not? ‘Jim had an archaeologist with him in the picture, and he went out to see it, and said,’ No, this is old-fashioned. ‘ But there was a time when Jim was resting at home one evening – this is the time before we got together – and he knocked on his door. He was one of his friends, who was going for a walk, somewhere outside Albuquerque, and he came across a skull that looked funny to him, and he brought it to Jim and said, ‘Old or new?’ And Jim said, ‘It’s got some fat on it. It’s new. Call the police. ‘”

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