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TikTok British Woman Trying To Wear Animals For The First Time


Dawn Farmer had never heard of animals before.

Dawn Farmer lives in York, England, and has lived for 21 years without even wearing a pet …

… Until recently, when a US man sent him a bottle to try. Here’s a video he tried for the first time – with over 3.5 million views:

BuzzFeed spoke to Dawn, who said that pets are not a common garment in the UK. “Pets are not available here, as I said before – I had never heard of them!” Then, what was Dawn’s idea? HE LOVED IT! “My leaves just went through the ceiling with excitement. The taste reminded me of a Caesar’s salad dressing, but more often and more variedly,” he said.

@adiza_adiza /

Dawn also said that since then she has experimented with salad dressing and pizza. He loves them all.

Speaking of clothing that is popular in the UK and not popular in the US, Dawn said America really has a lot to offer. “Although, people should try purple sauce! Or even the spread of marmite, you either love it or hate it!”

Dawn does many other American beverage movies on her TikTok. Like the video in this video where they try American sweets:

Dawn said, “I’m always curious about the differences between the UK and the US – and that includes food! As a result, I’ve been very excited and excited to try different things as much as I can. Having the next American on TikTok just makes me curious to try. different things out there! “

So, the US people – what kind of food should the UK people eat? And the people of the UK, what foods should Americans try? Tell us in the comments!


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