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Thousands have returned to destroy Gaza homes after Israel was embarrassed | Conflicts between Israel and Palestine Issues

Thousands of Palestinians who have fled the Gaza Strip have begun returning home to see their destruction destroyed, while Israelis have returned to normalcy, while the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ended 11 days after fierce fighting.

Palestinian authorities on Friday put up billions of dollars in arrests. Five more bodies were exhumed from the ruins of Gaza, killing 248 people, including 66 children, and more than 1,900 injured.

Israeli forces say an Israeli soldier has been killed, along with 12 civilians, including two children. Hundreds were rescued from injuries after rocket launchers threatened and sent people as far away as Tel Aviv to flee the camps.

World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris says Gaza hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed by thousands of injuries.

He called for access to the Gaza Strip for health care.

“The real problem is closing,” he told the UN briefly.

Gaza has for many years been under siege by Israel which has banned the passage of people and goods, as well as the ban by Egypt.

Fabrizio Carboni, director of the International Committee of the Red Cross, echoed the WHO’s request for urgent assistance, adding, “It will take years to rebuild – and more to rebuild broken lives.”

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed

Harry Fawcett of Al Jazeera, quoting from Gaza, said nearly 1,000 homes had been damaged, 700 severely damaged, and 14,000 more damaged.

“[There is a] a total of more than six people per household in the town and in the Strip, and more than 80,000 people have lost their homes or their homes have been severely or partially damaged. This is a great tragedy in this area, ”he said.

Nazmi Dahdouh, 70, a father of five, said his home in Gaza City had been destroyed in an Israeli attack.

“We do not have another house. I will live in a tent on top of the rubbish of my house until it is rebuilt, ”he told AFP.

Malak Mattar, an artist from Gaza City, told Al Jazeera that stopping the war had brought relief to his family.

“We feel comfortable. “We could sleep for a long time which is what we were robbed of 10 or 11 days ago, so it’s a good thing we feel safe, that there are no bombs,” Mattar said.

“Now we can get food … then, we feel relieved.”

Al-Aqsa attacked

In a rampant East Jerusalem, Israeli police chased protesters on Friday from the Al-Aqsa Mosque camp, two weeks after the same protests sparked violence. The site is sacred to both Muslims and Jews, who call it the Temple Mount.

Conflicts erupted in several other Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem areas, as well as at crossroads between Jerusalem and the West Bank, Israeli police said, adding that hundreds of police and border guards had been mobilized.

Hoda Abdel-Hamid of Al Jazeera, quoting from East Jerusalem, said that by the time the war in Gaza ended, tensions were running high.

“There is an end to the fire but that fire prevention only affects Gaza. All other issues between the two sides are there,” Abdel-Hamid said.

“Today, people were cheering and worried that the war in Gaza was over, but the conflict was still there.”

Israel and Hamas claim victory

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says an Israeli bombing of Palestinian forces has killed “more than 200” fighters in Gaza, including 25 senior officials, who he described as “victorious”.

Hamas, a Palestinian group that oversees coastal settlements, also called it a “victory.”

“We have done terrible and painful things that will not stop,” said Israeli President Ismail Haniya, who promised to rebuild Gaza.

He also thanked Iran for “providing money and weapons” to Hamas.

Several world leaders have welcomed the agreement. U.S. President Joe Biden said he believed there was a “real opportunity for progress” and reiterated his commitment to “taking action”. The European Union (EU) has stated that the “two countries” will not be able to negotiate a two-state solution. Russia and China return to peace talks

Netanyahu’s office announced the end of the “unimportant” war on Thursday evening, while Hamas and the Islamic State Jihad – another militant group in Gaza – confirmed this recently.

Stop watching the fire

Egyptian state media also reported that two Egyptian security agents had arrived to monitor international cooperation.

The U.S. State Department said Ambassador Antony Blinken was “meeting with Israeli, Palestinian and regional partners in the coming days to discuss efforts and work together to create a better future for Israel and Palestine”.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Israel and Palestine now have a responsibility to hold “major talks to address the root causes of the conflict”.

He also called for a “strong package to help speed up, stabilize and recover”.

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